Oversky Card Spotlight - Triton Trainer

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Card Spotlight - Triton TrainerCard Spotlight - Triton Trainer

Card Spotlight returns after the release of the Oversky Expansion. In this series we will investigate how the Oversky has shaped the Faeria landscape. Expect to read about old and new cards and discover what decks they can feature in. Included in every article is a video of these decks in action!

Triton Trainer

The Way of the Frog was once a powerful technique, handed down to Triton’s to destroy their enemies. The Triton Trainer taught this ability and helped the Frogs’ conqueor the world of Faeria. Until one day, the Triton Trainer lost his powers and The Way of the Frog was a shadow of it’s former power. The Frog Empire had crumbled and was forgotten… until the final Faeria Monthly Cup.

Triton Trainer was once a powerful card that created an entire archetype. Blue Jump had only come into existence after the Triton Trainer was released. Triton Trainer was so strong that it was nerfed but the archetype still reigned supreme before the Oversky expansion. After the Oversky, Blue Jump disappeared but the recent Monthly Cup saw a return of the little jumpers. Triton Trainer didn’t feature in MrTea’s fourth place build but I’m willing to experiment with the card.

These two cards are your primary targets in a Blue Jump deck. Battle Toads is possibly the best target because it turns a little Frog into a real threat. The Triton Trainer ability will trigger on the first Frog you spawn, so be careful with positioning. A 4/2 Frog can challenge popular creatures like Maceman, Windstorm Charger and Bone Collector. Empowering your Triton Warrior allows you to clear popular six Life creatures. Groundshaker, Seifer and Grove Guardian all trade with a buffed Triton Warrior.

Another strong target for the Triton Trainer buff. Ninja Toad is already a solid removal option and the Trainer power-up can push it further. Six Attack is the dream but unfortunately the buff falls short by pushing Ninja Toad to 5/2. Other cards can help assist the Ninja such as The Emperor’s Command and Campfire. These are popular inclusions to Blue Jump lists.

I want to highlight a ruling with what Triton Trainer can target with it’s Gift ability. In order to receive the Gift a creature must already have Jump when played. This means that creatures like Mystic Beast and Shifting Octopus can’t claim the buff. These creatures gain the Jump keyword after the Trainer trigger checks for a viable target.

Why play Triton Trainer?

Triton Trainer offers a cheap Jump creature that can empower your other Jumpers. The two Attack power-up can help your little Frogs trade up against bigger targets. It combination with other power-ups it can be a solid card.

You could argue that cards like The Emperor’s Command and Campfire are just better alternative. I’d mostly agree but I want to experiment with both the Trainer and the cards mentioned above. Blue Jump reached top four in the last Monthly Cup but I still think it needs more work. This work could come from further testing or perhaps new cards from future expansions.

The idea with this build is to make good trades and gain value. Blue Jump has a lot of cheap creatures which will allow us to main board control. Wavecrash Colossus gives us a cheap and solid finisher.

If you’d like to try a more refined list then check out MrTea’s Monthly Cup deck.


I’m a big fan of Blue Jump and hope the archetype has a revival. If the Way of the Frog is to survive, I believe it’ll need a few new options going into future expansions. New Jump creatures with more diverse abilities would be welcomed.

MrTea’s Bjump deck doesnt even run Triton Trainers (and it is not Mono Blue :stuck_out_tongue: ) FeelsBadMan

MrTea’s Blue Jump list doesnt even run Triton Trainers (and is not Mono Blue Jump either :stuck_out_tongue: )… no Trainer lover FeelsBadMan