Oversky Card Spotlight - Twinsoul Spirit

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Card Spotlight - Twinsoul Spirit

Card Spotlight returns after the release of the Oversky Expansion. In this series we will investigate how the Oversky has shaped the Faeria landscape. Expect to read about old and new cards and discover what decks they can feature in. Included in every article is a video of these decks in action!

Twinsoul Spirit

There were several cards on my mind to talk about this week but I ultimately went with Twinsoul Spirit. While testing a few decks I soon discovered that Twinsoul was performing over the other cards I had considered. Red Combat has lost popularity after the recent balance patch and this has allowed Twinsoul’s safely to see play.

Twinsoul’s strength lies within it’s power to create two, cheap creatures with a solid attack value. 4/3 creatures can challenge a lot of popular cards and you get two for the cheap price of four Faeria. Land requirement is what checks this card and makes it a little clunky. Six lands for two 4/3 creatures is very pricey but once you hit that requirement it’s a fantastic card. Fortunately we have access to plenty of land acceleration to help speed up playing Twinsoul Spirit’s. The creatures do also have Flying which is useful for Faeria harvesting. This also plays into their other ability to be summoned anywhere adjacent to a friendly creature. You can split them up across your board in both offensive and defensive positions. Remember that the second Twinsoul can be summoned adjacent to the first.

Aurora’s Creation has always been an enabler for Twinsoul Spirit decks. Copying a Twinsoul nets you two additional Twinsoul’s for five Faeria. While this combo is strong it doesn’t quite compare to the Creation and Sky Yak combo. This is potentially another reason we don’t see many Twinsoul’s in Faeria right now.

Istanu offers a win condition for token style decks. This is where Twinsoul Spirit can really shine. You get two cheap creatures to further extend the powerful ability of Istanu. These style of decks often run cards like Battle Toads and other cheap creatures to flood the board. Blue Yellow also got a buff with the recent Mystic Beast change.

Why play Twinsoul Spirit?

The card offers a strong inclusion to Blue Yellow builds. If you’re using land acceleration for a win condition then it might be worth adding this card to help in the mid to late game. Two cheap 4/3 creatures is a valuable asset in many situations. They offer great offensive and defensive creatures and can be used as Faeria harvesters. Twinsoul’s Flying keyword enables it to be searched by Iona’s Smile. This became very useful in the two decks I have built below.

For this episode I worked on two different Blue Yellow builds. Keep in mind that these builds are still experimental and won’t win you a Monthly Cup! Be sure to try them out and adjust them how you see fit. They’re open to modification.

The first was based around Emperor Kaios and triggering his ability with Imperial Engineers. While it’s not always easy to pull this off the Aurora’s Creation offers strong interplay with Twinsoul Spirit. This build is probably the weaker of the two but Azarai and Kaios make it really fun.

My second deck was based around Istanu as a win condition. This led to a Blue Yellow Token deck without using Aurora’s Creation. Towship and Mystic Beast offer strong creatures in-between the Faeria wells. Twinsoul’s creates more creatures for Istanu to devour.


Twinsoul Spirit might not be the best dual colour creature but it has potential. It’s a cheap and effective option for developing multiple creatures in one card. This can lead to a great mid game pay-off card for the Blue Yellow archetype. You can also try some build-around decks like Istanu Token.

Srry if this is a stupid question but what defines a “Token” deck?

Since there are no true tokens in Faeria, this term is used to describe any deck that floods the board with cheap (and fragile) critters.

Thanks :smile: