Oversky New Card Thread

I don’t see a thread for the Oversky reveals, so I figured I’d make one. For reference, the cards:

Why yes I cropped these myself, how can you tell?

But anyway, as someone who plays a lot of multicolor decks and Three Wishes, I’m really excited for this stuff. Ulani’s an auto-include in Wishes and I expect to get at least one really generically good any-color staple. What’s everyone else’s opinion, besides that I should learn how to screenshot better?


I’m really excited to see neutral getting some love! The explorer is a great card for speeding up the pace of the game and might be really good in neutral rush. I like the flavor of the yakkapult, though I’m not sure how to apply it. The seed of paradise is a really good card with some interesting possibilities for land placement. Ulani seems kinda op with the ability to draw four cards from your deck. Only time will tell how well these new cards will fit in the meta.

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Interesting. Can the Angry Yak be summoned over ocean if there’s no vacant land next to target?

I’m a bit ambivalent, same as for the last card release.

Here’s my opinions of the cards (best to worst):

  • Intrepid Explorer: Seems OK. Requires thought to use well, and could suit a deck with haste or dash. Not good on slow decks though. Although it got the least love during the reveal, I think it’s the best one for the game.

  • Yakkapult: Seems a bit OP for regular players, except that ranged is tricky when it’s not early. In pro games it’s probably not all that powerful. In general, I quite like it.
    -> I’m not sure if using Angry Yak was good as the other one has Haste, which might confuse some people.
    -> Also, how does it interact with adjacent ocean tiles?

  • Seed of Paradise: The description isn’t very clear. Also, this probably suffers a bit from the weird who-collects-first rule (left to right, top to bottom).
    -> Can the opponent see what color was chosen (like for Royal Judge)?
    -> It transforms into a land. Does it still trigger death effects like Bone Collector etc?

  • Ulani Seems like a must for three wishes. If you only have one card of a certain color then this is basically a guaranteed pick - so you can use it like multiple time-of-legendses. So it feels quite OP.
    -> Also, how does this interact with multicolored cards? There’s quite a few different ways you could solve this problem, and most involve giving precedence or order to the colors. So if it’s just do each color in sequence by picking a random card, and you have a Crackthorn and a Flamespitter, you would always draw both if green goes first, but if red goes first it could pick Crackthorn as the red card leaving green without one. I hope they’ve considered these issues.

Intrepid explorer: I like that you said it was the best for the game. I agree that it’s a good all around card, but it’s not for everyone. Definitely requires deliberate thought and skill to use advantageously.
Yakkapult: I’m going to make the assumption that it doesn’t spawn on ocean tiles. Who knows, but that’s what makes the most sense to me. The high land cost for this card makes it very difficult to play, so if you’re yaks had a chance to spawn on ocean tiles, that just wouldn’t be fair. The card would be practically unplayable.
Seed of paradise: I’ve often wondered about the “who-collects-first” rule. How does that work in multiplayer, because each opponent views the game from the bottom of the screen, so does collection start with whoever’s turn it is? How does it work?
Ulani: running only a few legendaries, you could draw garudan, Aurora, and khalim. I agree that it is Seriously op. As for the interaction with multicolored cards, if it were me, I would make it treat multicolored cards differently from monocolored cards. Or, if you draw a card that’s multicolored, then that counts as your card draw for both those colors.

As I understand it, it does start with whoever’s turn it is. So your opponent will collect from right to left, bottom to top. I haven’t tested it, though.