Packs back as gold if you got 20 bonus packs?

if you got the bundle and got 20 bonus packs and whatnot would you get those refunded as gold back to you if you got the core set 50$ item? Also what would you then do with all that gold?

Yes you would, you get refunded 100g for each pack you’ve opened until you buy Full Collection, minus the value for each card you’ve decrafted (not sure what values are exactly, it depends on the rarity), plus another value for each card you’ve crafted (same).

As for what you do with the gold : get some avatars/orbs, or store the gold for when an expansion will come (the Full collection option only gives the Core Set, which are all the cards that currently exist, but not future expansions).

Ok thanks thats pretty helpful. Another question would any packs you buy right now just give you cards that can be turned in to crystal to make the those cards mythic and what not? im assuming yes and seems a silly question but you never know with an early access game.

If I understand correctly, you mean, after buying full collection ? Yes, then, buying packs are only for disenchanting cards to get memoria, and, for now, to get mythics (or store memoria for when an expansion comes, your call ;))

True but i would hope they would hopefully do something similar to the core set towards the end of the expansion and the opening of the next that they offer all the cards in the set for a price for those just picking up the game or didnt play much that expansion. but ya saving all dat money money money for expansions pretty solid idea if you dont play A WHOLE LOT like me.

Values for disenchanted cards in terms of gold refund loss are:

-5 gold refund / disenchanted common [gained: 1 memorial]
-20 gold refund / rare [+5 memorial]
-90 gold refund / epic [+20 memorial]
-350 gold refund / legendary [+80 memorial]

I’m not sure if this applies to mythic cards as well!

If you calculate, theoretically, you’d probably get a negative refund if you disenchant everything before buying the full collection. Though, the refund loss probably stops at 0 gold refund. (Didn’t try it, won’t try it!)
However, notice that having a lot of gold before the release of an expansion (so you can buy lots of new packs) would be much more feasible than having enough memorial to craft just some cards.

Btw. can anyone confirm what happens if you buy the full collection? I’d assume your whole collection is set to 3 copies of each common/rare/epic and 1 copy of each legendary. But do you actually lose every card you collected so far? And what about mythic cards you crafted or got from Pandora?

That’s the point of the refund actually, you loose your cards, but gain gold instead (if you haven’t disenchanted them). Not sure about mythics, My guess is that you’d keep them (why should they disappear ?)

With regard to the current balance changes: If you craft a card, you will also gain gold refund equal to the above listed gold/rarity (5/20/90/350).
Therefore, if you think about disenchanting the cards nerfed in today’s patch for their full memorial value, you don’t need to worry about the refund loss. :wink: