Pandora 5 Damage Hammer is overtuned

I make no claim to be a faeria expert, nor a pandora expert for that matter.

But that 3 cost 5 damage hammer that returns to your deck is simply unfair.

In a match that lasts longer than a few turns, whoever is lucky enough to draft one will draw it over and over again.

Of the Pandora matches today, I’ve won 11 and lost 3, and all 3 losses were due to this one card.

If faeria were a game where cards were counterable, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, faeria is not such a game. Given that no interaction is possible during my opponent’s turn, this hammer card is unreasonably overtuned.

Please remove the “returns to your deck” ability from this card.

I would be fine if it were a 0 cost 5 damage card, that seems appropriate for a “treasure”.

But getting to play it every other turn if the game has lasted a bit is just, frankly, stupid.

My 2 cents.

All pandora cards are OP vs regular, so you have to balance them vs other Pandora cards. But I would generally agree that Hammer is OP even for pandora, though.

One single hammer throw 3f for 5d is probably slightly UP for pandora IMHO. So if you like fast rushy games, it’s just average. But in longer games you usually get it at least twice.

It also has the worst synergy in Faeria IMHO - Void Guardian. Practically guaranteed win in 2 turns.

There is one downside - it’s the best card to Iona’s Mirror by far.

I think it can be fixed while keeping the “return to your deck”, though. It’s the only interesting thing about the card, so I think we should try to keep it.

Maybe each time it’s returned to your deck it loses 1 damage (minimum 2) or costs 1f more?

And, to fix the Void Guardian synergy I think that “destroy your deck” should also prevent cards being added to it.

Great ideas Xaxazac, i also hadnt realized the synergy with void guardian, thats just nuts…

I could agree that keeping the return to deck ability is flavorful and unique, but definetly would like to see at least your idea of a scaling “weakness” built into the card so spamming it comes with drawbacks.