Pandora bug

I have played 2 Pandora games today where a bug occurred when a treasure was drawn, leading to no card at all being given to the active player and no treasure awarded to the inactive player.

The 2 games were against the players Rollie42 and ttann.

I lost one of these games (against ttann) but certainly could have won it had my final draw of the game, which was a treasure draw had worked. I would either have got Secret of Strength which would definitely have allowed me to win that turn, or Urn of Gabria which would have substantially increased my chances of winning.

Please fix the bug. On top of this, some compensation for the Pandora loss, whether it be changing the loss to a win, simply removing the loss, or something would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Same thing. Waste of pandora coins. I hope for some compensating as coins or boxes -__-