Pandora - can I hit back button and continue later?

One question about Pandora - after making the deck and playing 4 games (let’s say 3 wins and 1 loss), can I hit the back button (top left arrow), exit Faeria, and continue my Pandora run at a later time, like next day (with my deck-3wins-1loss)?

I ask this because I made 2 runs of Pandora, finishing with 6wins-3losses, and 5wins-3losses, but both times it took around 3 hours for all the games (average 20 minutes a game), and it was just a lot of time in a row.
That’s why I ask about back button -> exiting game -> and continue at a later time.

So I tried it myself and yes, if you press the top left back arrow then options then exit, then when you open faeria again and go to pandora you should still have the same stats and deck that you left with :smiley:

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You can even hit back during drafting, but sometimes the next card choices will be different on resumption.

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Wow! :smiley: Thanks a bunch guys!
It really is a relief to know that, cause I enjoy Pandora, but for now, it’s a bit too much for me the 3 hours all in one go.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: