Pandora flaws

Pandora potentially is very interesting mode. But it has some flaws:

  1. In general Pandora good for old players but not for new players. In ideal case, player must practice with the whole card pool to know the action of all cards and navigate the meta. Without that very hard to do right picks. And here we have point 2.
  2. It seems Pandora havent enough players and matchmaking held in a wide ELO range. So beginners found veterans.
  3. It seems cards unbalanced for Pandora mode. I have met several times maximum green buff picks + maximum green fatty picks. It looks very strong since after Pandora opening we can play 6 faeria fatty every move or 12 faeria fatty every second move.
  4. Random Pandora treasures can be NOT fun. Simple one colour rush becomes uncontrolled madness with Pandora treasures.
  5. Pandora takes a lot of time and exhausting. Its like a real mini tournament without proper prizes.
  6. Finally Pandora have little reward chance for non-professional. Its hard to beginner get 3 Pandora Practice victory. I’m not even talking about the chance to collect a lot of Pandora Points and Battle Chests. So Pandora mode can disappoint beginners.
    IMHO Pandora rewards can be increased. Also Pandora needs new matchmaking system and cutted balanced card pool.

1 )

  • Everyone can look at the crafting menu if they want to learn all of the cards in a hurry.

  • Learning the cards by playing the game, either in Solo, Battle or Pandora is good for new players, because that’s how you become an experienced player. Learning just a limited pool and then finding that it’s not representitive of the whole card pool would not make learning easier.

  • Pandora practice coins are free and give an opportunity to play with cards that you don’t have in your collection, which is much more beneficial for new players

  • If you play 1 run and get beaten by 3 better decks, you have 3 opportunities to see what a better deck looks like, so you can think about how you can get a deck to work like that or how to stop a deck like that from working.

2 )

  • Afaik there is actually an ELO system, which doesn’t seem fair to me. It should be about your current win/loss, not how many times you’ve won in the past, since there are rewards for getting a high score in a month and it should be an even playing field. Tbh I’m not even sure it does work like that though.

3 )

  • The mode is a bit kinder to greedy decks, but rush still does well. I wouldn’t generally advise picking a low-curve mid-range deck or trying to get a finely tuned combo deck, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick any cards that would fit in such a deck, so limiting the card pool doesn’t seem very productive in that respect.

  • I’ll admit that I’ve gone 9-0 with decks that seemed like 0-3 decks to me when I drafted them and vice versa so idk how they’d go about choosing what to remove from the pool if that were a good idea.