Pandora in version 0.9

I’ve been enjoying pandora more after the update. The treasures are better balanced now. It feels much less like your matches are decided by how good the treasures each player drafted were.

The Void Guardian into Hammer combo might be too good. I drafted those and easily won every match where I pulled off that combo. The hammer is much better otherwise, though. It’s a lot less annoying to lose to it now.

The way pandora opens is better now. You’re rewarded for opening pandora instead of punished now, which is more fun. It might favor the opener a little too much, but it’s better balanced than the old approach.

The practice run rewards are really bad. It would be better if you got 30 gold for winning 3 matches in addition to the practice coin piece. That way, you’d at least get the same amount of gold you’d get by playing constructed. It would still be worse than the old rewards, but it wouldn’t feel like a waste of time.

The regular run rewards are better and the reduced amount of wins fits the match length better. It’s awkward how you get less gold for 3 wins than 2 wins, though. Since I have all the cards, the battle chests aren’t worth much to me. I would rather get 60 more gold than a chest.

Buying pandora coins also doesn’t seem like the best value if you have all the cards. You would need to win 7 matches to get your gold back, so you’d lose gold most of the time. The chests aren’t useful enough at that point to make up for it. The mythic chances are low enough that it’s too big of a gamble to try and get chests solely to collect them.