Pandora practice unplayable for new players

Hi guys, I really like the Pandora feature but there is a huge problem with the balanced opponent that new players can encounter playing practice run. Most of the time they are expert players and the chance for new players to get the 3 wins for the 1/3 Pandora coin is very low (15% for me). I know that there is a problem with the pool of players at the moment, but anyway you are asking new players to play 1 hour at least everyday for nothing. No wins, no Pandora coins, no battle chest… It’s much more remunerative the time spent with mission packs (1 battle chest per hour, level up, coins to buy other packs, some rare+ cards).

So could you think a minimal reward system for all the new players that try the Pandora practice but have no real chance to get a coin spending 7 hours per week? I really think you ll make all younger members of our community (like me) very happy to play more and more this amazing game :slight_smile:

The reason why Pandora Practice is there at all is because Pandora Singleplayer is a very recent feature (introduced about 2 months ago) Before that, Pandora was multiplayer only. Nowadays, Pandora Singleplayer has much better rewards, so the only people who play Practice are Pandora addicts :slight_smile: Which is rather ironic, because that mode was originally intended for new/casual players. It’s about time the rewards were updated.

Talking of which, Wild Mission Packs are also poor value. Level ups mean nothing in this game, the coin reward is small and unlocking the 2 packs required for a battle chest costs exactly the same amount of gold as buying the chest in the shop! If the mission packs had a higher chance of awarding Mythics or, better still, gave memoria for crafting, they would have been worth the time

I understand. Anyway every 10 levels new players get a blue/purple card they don’t have, and that is very very useful. I got very expensive cards in this way in few weeks I couldn’t get in other ways. So we could say that if the player has a full collection, leveling up doesn’t change anything, but if he hasn’t then it’s quite useful to save hundreds of memoria working as incentive.

Also if the feature pandora multiplayer (that has much better rewards showed in the official page than the single players vs AI) and in particular the practice pandora multiplayer (that is the only way to get pandora coins for newbies e f2p players) works just for expert players it’s a very good reason to re-design the feature itself, cause it gives a good reason to new players to leave the game for something else. I don’t think that anyone want really that and the game core is really amazing by itself. Also the players pool is already really really short now for what I see, and without new customers hardly you can plan a long term development.

When I was building my collection, I decided to craft/get all the common cards first, even disenchanting epics and some legendaries to do so. This didn’t take very long at all. Then I started crafting rares, this time not disenchanting anything. Took me about a month.
Now I’m onto epics. And every 10 levels, I get a message: “You already got all cards of Rare rarity? Here, have some gold!”
Maybe I should have listened to everyone’s advice and crafted epics first. But then I wouldn’t have had enough memoria for anything. I have no idea why the devs are so reluctant to give us more memoria rewards - the game is so much more fun with a complete collection!

When I played pandora actively around four months ago, the matchmaking was pretty accurate. I very rarely played against anyone who seemed to be new players.

If you’re playing against veteran players regularly now, then it’s probably because there aren’t enough new players playing pandora. The matchmaking tries to match up players of the same skill level, but it can’t do that if there aren’t enough people queuing at the same time. The introduction of solo pandora might have caused a lot of new players to play that instead, causing there to be too few new players queuing for multiplayer pandora.

Hopefully the developers will advertise the game more so it’ll have a steadier amount of new players joining the game. The upcoming mobile version should attract new players, at least.


Thank god I’m not the only one! As a new player (playing for around 2-3 months by now) I was excited about pandora, but I always ended up 2/2 on pandora multiplayer practice. Always = 3 days, so yeah I wasn’t very relentless I have to admit, but I got my buttocks handed to me more than once, so I switched to single player pandora. So while nowadays my collection is more or less satisfactory, I still value the certain 60 gold in ~20 minutes more than the uncertainty of the multiplayer pandora and its tremendous time consume. More rewards would be fine, (maybe 100-150 gold?) but I have no intention of running multiplayer pandora practice again. Maybe some single player pandora (sitting on 20k gold and can’t seem to decrease even tho I’m playing quite some wilds everyday, but too Scrooge to buy chests).

Do you guys know about the pandora tierlist? Evaluating cards in pandora is extremely difficult for beginners so that’s probably the reason for the low winrate. It’s easy to be lost without knowing this list. It’s a little bit outdated now since some new cards are not included, but Cappu said he will update it, probably when the expansion arrives.

But to be honest 3 wins in 15% is not so bad. It’s not like you are losing 0-2 every day. 2-2 is disappointing when you are 1 win away from your goal but it’s actually pretty good if you think about it as a beginner. It takes a lot of time (and losses) to get used to playing as well as drafting that’s all.

Regarding rewards, it can be slow and frustrating I guess, but if you have done the solo missions and focus on saving gold for pandora, you can save up 2000g for a standard pandora coin every 3 days so it’s not that bad. The hard part is to restrain from buying chests and focus on saving gold. Sometimes you end up 0-3 in standard pandora and that’s disappointing of course but the rewards for 0 win is still 1chest and 700g, so you only lost 300g for worst case scenario. The solo missions are of course better value, the initial ones are free but the last few you need to pay 4000g for each, so they need to return value.

luuu90 has good guides for pandora on his youtube channel too. They are old and a bit outdated but the main principles still apply.

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