Pandora Prizing Structure

I know the current prizing structure is temporary, but I still feel the need to comment. At present, Pandora costs 200g to play. The expected value of playing is about 110g. This is totally absurd. The pandora format has problems that I’m willing to put up with, but asking me to take an average loss of ~90g everytime I play is completely insane. You need to fix the value proposition of Pandora. There are a few things you can do…

  1. More Gold : Just increase the payouts to ~60 gold per win. This should be a simple update, and is probably as simple as changing a single variable.
  2. Hearthstone Style : Give the player a pack in addition to whatever gold they earn. Hearthstone does it and it works well. The infrastructure you have built around prizing may not support this solution though.
  3. Anything else, I don’t really care, but your current reward system is a complete joke.

Don`t forget about daily free ticket. So, the current reward system looks like: play 5-6 games in the Pandora, complete daily quest and receive additional 50-100 coins. It’s better than nothing, and it’s ok while we receive free ticket from daily quest. But, of course, after free ticket will be removed, rewards should be raised.

also i believe you do get a pack. i have been when i’ve done pandora.