Pandora rankings

Am I the only one that finds it strange that the current top Pandora player “Slender-Man” has more than 3 times more points than the second best?

I may be wrong but as far as I can see, there are four possibilities

  1. He is just really good at pandora, has a lot of free time and $$$ (to buy pandora coins)

  2. The rest of the ladder is really bad at pandora

  3. The list is faulty and is showing incorrect numbers

  4. He is using some sort of cheat/hack

Someone on Discord said recently, that he is a really good Japanese player. So probably he really likes Pandora mode and he plays it a lot.

It’s probably just a person or multiple people playing on the same account that play constantly with a high win average. 2187 points is an achievable amount.

Cheating is a possibility too, but it’s unlikely since pandora hasn’t had any cheaters before, as far as I know. There was another person who had a very high point amount before too. The developers checked that account and there was nothing suspicious about it.

Slender Man is a great player, I have lost against him majority of times I played him. The number of points mainly depends on how much time you spent playing pandora, so the gap is not as big as it looks. Choir got 2k+ pandora points a few months ago, I think they are at similar levels. Among frequent pandora players, I believe there may be only 2 others who are at their levels.

They play quickly too so it doesn’t take as much time as the rest of us.

Good to hear that there are others out there that have met him/her in Pandora.
It seemed a bit off that there was one single player that was more than seven standard deviations above the rest of the top 100. Even in the top ten he/she is still three standard deviations above the next player.

I think you may have misunderstood how pandora points works. The best players can usually get at least 6 wins per run, so that’s about 30 points on average per run. Time constraint aside, you can basically accumulate unlimited amount of pandora points, unlike the elo system used in constructed ladder.

No, I understand the system. I’m a new player (recently dumped Hearthstone) but it’s not that hard to grasp.
Thanks for the responses, though.