Pandora treasures are too powerful

I have played pandora mode since it first came out, i would like to complain about the latest patch which beefed up the treasure cards IMO they are far too strong, and the first person to draw usually just instantly wins the match. I get that its supposed to be wild and random, but the power swing is so large it takes the fun out of it.

I’m currently God Rank #7 and I have to disagree.

First of all, when pandora opens, the game enters what the dev call “sudden death” mode. The game is supposed to change. The treasure are meant to be much stronger than normal cards because the dev wants the game’s pace to hasten.


Despite that change of pace, despite the fact you can rush down your opponent with for instant a wind soldier + feast for 9 damage ; a green fat deck with 20+ healing can still bring the game to fatigue and survive even the rush decks buffed by the best rush treasures.

I still remember my mono-green deck with 7 oakfather and 23 possible points of healing and 4x Shamanic Dance to taunt up my massive oakfather. Many games ended in fatigue despite the treasure being so strong and I went 12-1 with that run.

A lot of people play red/yellow burn with the burn treasures because it’s easier to play… but in my opinion, a slow and fat green deck is still the best way to go.

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The problem is not the power of Treasures. The problem is the Pandora opens too bloody fast now, and instant depletion of wells punishes the player who (oh my!) does not want to play rush game and actually tries to control the board and defend instead of racing the opponent like a brainless drone.

For starters, it would be nice if there would be a limit of 1 Shard drawn per turn. Shard into Shard into Shard turn two into Shard into Shard turn three ruin all the fun.

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I just want them to remake what happens when the Pandora opens.

So instead of picking what treasures you may get when the Pandora opens, what you should have to pick instead are events, i.e. Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions, give all friendly minions +3/+3 etc. These events are played automatically and they happen simultaneously, so that you don’t just get lucky and win because the Pandora opens on YOUR turn.

This change still gives the random/casual/fun feeling of Pandora without ruining the player’s experience of losing - not because they played badly - but because Pandora so happened to open on their opponent’s turn instead of their own.

While I enjoy the draft aspect of Pandora mode, I really dislike the Pandora opening aspect–it just adds an extra (and imho unnecessary) layer of randomness to the matches. It would be nice if there was a game mode that just allowed us to play out draft matches without the treasures/Pandora at all.

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