Pandora treasures

Here is some (but not all) of the pandora treasures that should be balanced

  1. The hammer: 5 damage anywhere + an endless deck? I think it should be 5 damage anywhere but face.
  2. Void guardian - useless without the hammer but OP with it.
  3. The Mirror - your opponent just plaid a hammer? That can be your lucky day for 2 hammers in his face and 2 in your deck. Your opponent played the blood golem (the one that deals damage and refills faeria wells) let’s refill the wells MULTIPLE times AND deal multiple damage cos y not. Any other card? well you just got 2 of them for only 2 faeria.
  4. The blood golem: remove the refiling of faeria wells, as the wells don’t get emptied, the golem is powerful enough by itself. Having 2 of them can cause an insane amount of damage in one turn as the multiple damage is dealt multiple times
  5. The carpet: Fill your (most likely nearly empty) hand with flash winds. This allows bypassing taunts and moving your 20 attack creatues accross the board. Or even if there isn’t a 20, just having an axotil survive for a turn means 12 face dmg.
  6. EDIT: not relevant anymore (the divine 9/1)

agree with you. the hamer is just to much op

I agree with the first 4. Carpet is fun I think, it requires you have some big threat on board to make use of it, but it can definitely win out of nowhere… So I can understand some may not like it. For the last one, that 9/1 is divine now iirc.