Pandora - Treasures

90% of the Pandora games I play come down to who got the more powerful treasures and/or elite cards.

While I understand that Pandora is there to give new players a chance against more established players I think the amount of randomness makes it frustrating. Some treasures are clearly vastly superior to others and giving elites to some players and not all makes me reluctant to invest in this form of gameplay.

The skill of Pandora should be in crafting and playing a deck from random cards not on whether you get lucky with the treasures.

It’s tough because pandora is trying to do something different. Treasures and the opening of Pandora are supposed to allow a win condition to a deck that might not be that good. 6 faeria per turn allows you to play greedier decks more consistently which opens up deck types you otherwise couldn’t play. The games also end up being a little quicker than regular games.

What pandora treasure do you feel are the strongest?

I agree Pandora treasures are too powerful, and too cheap, but I don’t think they decide 90% of the games. May be half at most, from my experience. If playing rush then may even be less than 10%.

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I totally agree. Even more because you actually pay for it :frowning:
The randomness is really demotivating some times :frowning:

The most obvious ones are Iona’s Mirror (get 2 of enemy treasure) and Magda’s Rose - take control of enemy creature. Both of these turn games completely around. Doom scythe I would place in a strong third. So many of the other cards require you to be winning already.

I don’t think they’re any worse than the current randomness - especially as you get them at the same time. It’s still way fairer than regular battle which seems so immensely P2W.

As for strength, I don’t think any are OP. Some are UP, but not too badly.

  • Astral Weapon (too expensive)
  • Urn of Gabria (should give more faeria)
  • Ring of Dominion (should also draw a card or give bonus faeria)
  • Secret of Strength
  • Earthfire Shaker (too expensive)

But each to his own. They’re all good in different situations.

Perhaps you should be allowed to destroy a treasure in order to bring the next treasure to the top of the pack. Although that would add UI complexity.

I actually like astral weapon a lot. Two more faeria then meteor but you get a body. Great for clearing large green bodies, or removing a spot where the opponent was encroaching. And no special land requirement.