Pandora. Void Guardian + Hammer synergy very OP

As soon as you get these two Pandora cards you win on your next turn. One more if you’re short on faeria or have already drawn. Only more if they’re healing like crazy or if they beat you.

The trick is Void Guardian, {Hammer of Destruction, Draw, Hammer of Destruction; (repeat each turn)}.

I just won my Pandora run 8-1. 6 hammervoid wins including 1 hammervoid vs hammervoid race where I actually had to hammer my imperial guard cos I was on 10 life and he’d just healed.

As a solution I suggest that Void Guardian removes your deck and prevents cards being added to it. It doesn’t say “empty your deck” it says “destroy your deck” so you don’t have a deck to add cards to. This would also mean Stone of Fair Fortune wouldn’t work after Void Guardian, which is perhaps OK. Time of Legends wouldn’t work either. I can’t remember anything else that adds cards to your deck.

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Hmm this combo does seem really op. I never really thought much about Void but I can see how this could be super powerful!

I didn’t invent it - I’ve met it quite a few times.
I don’t think I’ll try it again, it’s no fun at either end.
In fact, IMHO it’s currently the most broken thing in Faeria.

It’s OP but I got them in two runs so far and couldn’t use it once! :sweat_smile:

I feel Hammer shouldn’t go back into the deck once used, they can make it cheaper if it’s worse than other treasures.

But this combo has been around since last year (mentioned on youtube) so I doubt they will do anything about it.

I usually play for long games - board control, stack faeria maybe, a bit of heal, attack enemy only as a last resort :slight_smile: - so my games usually last long enough.

I think a better solution would be to silently not allow you to draft both cards in the same deck. That way you can’t reliably get the combo (could still get it from Jeweled Magpie, Iona’s Mirror or Stone of Fair Fortune if you’re lucky).

EDIT: or make it so Hammer can’t hit face. In my opinion it’s the best Pandora treasure already by itself. Just compare it to the immensely crappy Bottled Lightning.

How about:

It means hammer is no longer immunity from empty deck damage. However, there’s a possible positive as you draw another card for free. But mostly it’s a needed nerf.

I like this option.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting Pandora isn’t really meant to be fair. It’s crazy RNG from the get go and I think we should accept it as such.