PandoraMaster - Pandora Tracking Website

Hi there,

I noticed that there was not a site for tracking Pandora statistics, so I decided to create one! I just started creating it yesterday, so it may not look the most “pretty” but it will defenitely improve over time! I have only added the base features thus far, but many more will be added soon, along with other optimizations!

The link is here:

Just for reading this post, you can redeem this promo code on the website for 200 free Credits: boards

UPDATE: I have now added profile pages to the site!

Thanks for reading!
– blowenthal3

I’ve been enjoying your site, but am very puzzled at how the cards are sorted when I’m trying to tell the website what cards are offered and picked. If the cards were alphabetically sorted, it would be easy to do some typing and then click the appropriate card name with my mouse, but the ordering is not alphabetical.