Patch Notes: 14th Dec, 2015

We are applying a patch in the next few minutes. You will be able to complete your current game but will have to restart your client to update the game.

This will change the following card’s rarities:

Bloomsprite > Common
Sagami Huntmaste> Rare
Tiki Totem > Rare
Feral Kodama > Epic

Blazing Salamander > Common
Devouring Plant > Common
Ogre Dance > Common
Grim Guard > Rare
Kobold Barracks > Rare
Flame Thrower > Epic

  • The Faeria Team
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As a reminder, here is how we automatically compensate your account with memoria when rarity changes occur:

Great changes in terms of balancing out Pandora.
Huntmaster + Kodama was getting a little out of hand and fewer decks with 6 Grim Guards or 4 Flame Throwers will be nice.

The downside is that bumping the stronger cards to higher and higher rarities makes the barrier to entry worse for new players. You still need 3x Huntmaster and 3x Kodama to make a top tier green deck and that just got a lot more expensive to craft.