Patch Notes: 1st Dec, 2016

Hi all,

We’ve been monitoring games (and playing a lot ourselves) since the last patch and believe that some immediate changes are required. Some of these spring from concerns we already had, which you guys have confirmed, whilst others are based off you guys playing thousands of matches and a myriad of deck compositions.

The following bug fixes have been applied:

  • Fixed a bug where the client could crash in deck edition screen when you accepted a lobby invite while editing a deck
  • The timer won’t continue running in victory/defeat screen anymore
  • Shaytan Vampire localisation fixed (now properly displays Dash 1 ability in all languages)
  • Clockwork Yak localisation fixed (now properly displays Dash 2 ability in all languages)
  • Ranks no longer appear in pandora games

And two balance changes have been made:

  • Soul Pact now ends the turn after playing it.
  • Blood Song now deals 4 damage at once to the player (used to be 1 damage 4 times).

Please continue to feedback any bugs or suggestions you have. We appreciate your input.

  • The Faeria Team
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How come I can’t disenchant my blood songs for the full value after the nerf?

For the same reason you can’t disenchant Ignis, Warstorm Champion, or Soul Pact for full value.:confounded::sob: