Patch notes: 2nd Dec, 2016

Today’s patch notes contains a number of bug fixes, highlights some known bugs, and details a few price changes in the store.

Bug Fixes

  • First win of the day no longer happens for casual AND ranked modes independently. It will now only apply once a day, in whichever mode you obtain your first win.
  • Fixed Annoying Gnat + Demon Wrangler interaction where the Gnat could be summoned where the Demon Wing appeared, making the two tokens overlap each other.
  • Fixed endgame issue when both players died at the same time.
  • Fixed Failed Experiment where cards that cost less than 3 faeria were set to a cost of 3 after playing a creature or skipping the turn.
    Update: We’ve had to roll back this change until we can implement a more proper solution next week. Failed experiment will still work as before with this bug.
  • Slam is now applied to adjacent creatures, even if the creature attacked has Protection.
  • Jump and Charge icon glitches fixed
  • Windstorm Colossus is now correctly set to minimum 5 cost as intended.
  • Volcanic Colossus is now correctly set to minimum cost 7

Puzzle #45 is being temporarily replaced by a copy of Puzzle #39, as #45 is currently unplayable with the changes to Soul Pact. You will receive the same reward as normal and, should you complete this puzzle before the new version is added, you will be able to play the new puzzle in replay mode.

Known Bugs:

  • Creatures that are added to your hand after playing Failed Experiment won’t benefit from the cost reduction.
  • Tiki Piper incorrectly costs two forests. This is not intentional and will be fixed in a later update.

Price Changes

  • Pandora coins will now be sold at 2 for $2.99 (rather than 1 for $1.49)
  • The following Rare cosmetics will be decreased in price:
  • Avatar and Orbs from $2.49 to $1.99
  • Wells and Card Backs from $1.99 to $0.99
  • Russian players will now see prices closer to a direct conversion from the USD values, but still listed in their own currency
  • Brazilian purchases will now be made in USD

As always, if you encounter any bugs or have any questions then please don’t hesitate to let us know via the usual reporting channels.

  • The Faeria Team

We’re aware of the bug where Pandora coins are no longer purchasable with gold. We are looking into it, sorry for the inconvenience.

Addendum: In the first version of the news, we failed to communicate that the €EUR and £GBP have also been impacted by this update.

We also failed to communicate the actual reason for those changes: iOS and Android upcoming launches. Those platforms don’t allow to set pricing manually for anything else than $USD, and even our $USD pricing have to be based on pre-defined pricing matrix.

We had two possible options, the first one was to have complete different pricing between iOS/Android and Steam. The second one is the one that we have chosen, having the same prices across all platforms in order to make sure our Cross-Platform philosophy would be respected and that players wouldn’t feel cheated for not being it on Steam instead of iOS or Android (and vice-versa in some cases).

To those of you who are negatively affected by this change, we offer our apologies. Hopefully you can understand that there was no perfect option for us that wouldn’t be unfair to some people, and the balance we chose actually balances out at a net decrease in prices from our side. We really screwed up by announcing these changes incorrectly, this has been a particularly busy week at Abrakam, and the result of a miscommunication on our internal chat servers this morning wasn’t spotted until after a player drew our attention to the inaccuracy.

WOW it is so cool to hear about IOS\Android verison coming soon. You should’ve told about it in the news, cause people like me are waiting for it excited. It feels so bad to be forced to play HS when you have Faeria even when it is that imbalanced like now ;D