Patch notes: 5th Dec, 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed endgame error that could happen for spectators
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t play constructed games until level 8 (there is now no level requirements at all, whether it is for casual or for ranked mode)
  • Fixed creatures that could move on non-allowed locations after playing Huntmaster when there was no available room to teleport the creature
  • You won’t be able to try to send a chat message to someone who appears in your friendlist but is not (yet) a friend of yours (like a suggestion)
  • Fixed French localisation of Annoying Gnat (“Invoquez cette créature sur un terrain aléatoire” -> “Invoquez cette créature sur un espace aléatoire”)
  • Tiki Piper has finally let go of his extra forest cost and now correctly costs only 1.
  • Battle Chest bundle pricing has changed (read below)

Battle Chest Pricing Changes Update

In our patch notes Friday, we announced some pricing changes we’d be making in an effort to align Faeria’s pricing model with our upcoming iOS and Android launches. As mentioned in an addendum to that post, these platforms do not allow us to set pricing manually for anything other than $USD, and even $USD pricing must be based on a pre-defined pricing matrix.

After further analyzing the changes we made, we discovered we may not have hit the mark correctly on the first try. This is our fault, and we want to be open in communicating the next changes we’ll be making and why we’re making them.

###Battle Chest value

Our intention is to provide more “value” when purchasing larger amounts of Battle Chests at once. Another way of saying this is that we’d like players to get more for their purchase when buying chests in bulk. With the changes we made yesterday, we’ve lost sight of this basic shop model.

Since we were locked into choosing pre-defined pricing tiers outside of our control, all prices must end in increments of $0.99. We were forced to make a change to the 5 Battle Chest package, previously sold at $4.49. We could have either increased it to $4.99, or decreased to $3.99. In our desire to avoid any price increases at all, we chose to decrease it.

However, this altered pricing model makes purchasing many of the other Battle Chest packages make much less sense. It actually made purchasing the next highest package provide less value. Therefore, we’ve decided that further adjustments are necessary.

We’ll be adjusting the shop today to reduce the value of the 5 Battle Chest package, but at the same time increase the value of the higher packages.

Here is exactly how the store prices will be changing, in $USD:


  • 2 Battle Chests - $1.99 - Discount value: 0%
  • 5 Battle Chests - $3.99 - Discount value: 20%
  • 12 Battle Chests - $10.99 - Discount value: 16%
  • 25 Battle Chests - $19.99 - Discount value: 20%
  • 55 Battle Chests - $39.99 - Discount value: 27%


  • 2 Battle Chests - $1.99 - Discount value: 0%
  • 4 Battle Chests - $3.99 - Discount value: 0%
  • 14 Battle Chests - $10.99 - Discount value: 21%
  • 26 Battle Chests - $19.99 - Discount value: 23%
  • 55 Battle Chests - $39.99 - Discount value: 27%

As you can see, the value of purchasing the 2nd lowest package will be decreasing, but the value of the next two will be increasing. The other two packages remain unaffected. This is the best solution we could find to keep prices more or less similar to where they were before, but still keep the design of providing more value with a higher purchase.

We apologize for perhaps making the past few days confusing as far as pricing and what our intentions are with these changes - but we hope this post can help clear up any confusion. We’re excited to make Faeria available on mobile platforms, and we feel these are necessary steps we must take in order to make that a reality.

Thank you for reading, and as always - we welcome your feedback.

  • The Faeria Team
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Old and new prices are the same?

Based strongly on community feedback, we plan on applying a balance patch tomorrow (Tuesday) to Faeria. More details to come tomorrow.

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Correct, but the amount of Battle Chests you get for 3 of the bundles has changed.

Instead of
4 Battle Chests - $3.99
I’d suggest
6 Battle Chests - $4.99 which would align perfectly at 17% discount with the rest of the new packs?

A thought about the prices of battle chests - the new levels are somewhat confusing compared to the old prices (and in general). Aside from the weirdness of the 2 vs. 4 transactions (which you explained might be a necessary evil, but more on that later), the 4 vs. 14 and especially the 14 vs. 26 levels are hard to compare the value of in your head because they don’t divide evenly or compare cleanly to each other.

In the old prices, for example, the jump from 12 to 25 is a clear winner. You are getting more than twice the number of chests and you are spending less than twice as much. Anyone can see it’s a better deal. Contrast that to 14 vs. 26 - you are paying less than twice as much but you are getting less than twice the number of packs. You’d need to pull out a calculator or be willing to do the mental math to figure out that, yes, the 26 is slightly better. Add that to the mixed message that the slightly disadvantageous 2 vs. 4 sends, and I feel consumers might not see the advantage of buying in bulk.

Why not change the framing a bit? Keep the prices consistent for every level, but offer “free” chests if you buy in bulk? This is the kind of presentation you see when you, for example, load credits onto your card at a GameWorks or Dave & Busters. As a possible example of what you might set up:

2 Battle Chests: $1.99
6 Battle Chests + 1 FREE Chest!: $5.99 (effective discount: 14%)
10 Battle Chests + 2 FREE Chests!: $9.99 (effective discount: 17%)
20 Battle Chests + 5 FREE Chests!: $19.99 (effective discount: 20%)
40 Battle Chests + 15 FREE Chests!: $39.99 (effective discount: 27%)

This is just an example keeping somewhat in line with your recent pricing models, but the idea here is that the player can clearly see that the price is $1 per chest, and then they get a bonus for buying in bulk. First a bonus of 1/6, then 1/5, then 1/4, then finally much more than 1/4 for the highest level of 40 chests for $40.