Patch notes: April 27th, 2016

Like the changes so far. Will be interesting to see how the metagame shifts after banning Magda though haha.

Windstorm Charger and Snowstorm Lancer attack increase limit seems to not reset between turns. Is this intended? The developer’s note “wanted to move them to a spot where it takes at least two turns to destroy the opponent’s orb using these units” implies these units should be able to be buffed by +6 every turn.

I don’t like the new Oakling. One shot meta lives strong yet.

Green is now = ultimate one shot hasted freedom warrior (18/18 last round, double oakling, jester, tiki and what’s the +2/2 one) + 2 ranged damage from neutral archer.

I’ve a feeling that I’m going to quit Faeria for a while. :cry:

P.S. Fixing Magda is this easy: “You cannot cast spells on the mind controlled unit.” or to lesser extent “You cannot sacrifice the controlled unit.”

Can you be more specific?

Do you mean it may only reach the limit once, and never be buffed again (on following turns?)

If you are experiencing this and it’s reproducible, it’s most certainly a bug. The intended interaction is to allow it to receive up to 6 attack each turn.