Patch notes: August 16th, 2016

##Card Changes


  • Daring Adventurer
    Reduced Faeria cost by 1
    Now costs 4f
    (Down from 5f)


  • Shaytan Vampire
    Design reworked. Now:
    6f DD
    Whenever Shaytan Vampire damages a god, you gain that much life.
    (was 7f DD, 7/4 Gift- This creature drains 2 life from all adjacent creatures)
  • Deathwish Ghoul
    Now: Last words - Gain 2f
    (was Last words - Gain 3f)
  • Oradrim Sagittarius
    Added both an additional Desert requirement and one health.
    3f DD
    (was 3f D, 1/2)
  • Wind Gate
    Reduced Faeria and Desert requirement by 1.
    Now: 1f D
    (instead of 2f DD)


  • Sunken Tower
    Reduced Faeria cost by 1
    0f LL
    (was 1f LL)
  • Prophet of Tides
    3f LL
    “Move a land you control twice.”
    (was 1/1, “Move a land twice”)
  • Mystic Beast
    Design reworked. Now:
    3f LLL
    Gift: Gets +2/+0 and Jump if played adjacent to an enemy well.
    (was 3fL, Gift: Gets +2/+2 and Charge 2 if your opponent has 10f or more)
  • Ancient Herald
    Health increased by 1.
    (was 5/5)


  • Ruunin’s Champion renamed to Ruunin’s Messenger
    5f F (was 4fF)
    3/5 (was 2/6)
    Jump. Whenever this creature attacks a god, add a random green creature to your hand and decrease its cost by 2f.
    (was: Whenever this creature attacks a god, add a random green creature to your hand. It gets +2/+2)
  • Faeria Tree
    Now blows up at 5 life instead of 6.


  • Apex Predator
    Increased Faeria cost by one.
  • Soul Eater
    Now has:
    Flying, Charge 3
  • Three Wishes:
    2f (was 0f) DDFFLLMM
    Gain 3 life (was 4 life) and copy the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck. They cost 3f (was 2f) less. You cannot wish for more wishes.

##Rarity Changes

The following cards were swapped in rarity in regards to the affects this balance patch will have on Pandora. With Ruunin’s Messenger now a much more powerful force in the common slot, we wanted to shift it to Epic to make it a little less easy to pick.

  • Ruunin’s Messenger is now Epic (was common)
  • Ruunin’s Avenger is now Rare (was Epic)
  • Sagami Elder is now Common (was Rare)

(Click here for an explanation on how rarity changes are compensated in memoria automatically for you)

##Full disenchant values:

As a result of these balance changes, cards that have been reduced in power will be available for their full disenchant cost for 1 week. Those cards are as follows:

  • Apex Predator
  • Three Wishes
  • Shaytan Vampire
  • Deathwish Ghoul
  • Oradrim Sagittarius

Patch design notes:

Click here to head to our Official Boards and read some designer insight from Dan and the team

We’d like to give a big thank you to our Vanguard testers for taking time in helping to test this set of changes.

  • The Faeria Team

Any progress on the Versus screen bug? Havn’t been able to play for 4 days now.

[Quoted from the rarity changes explanation link:]
Codex Changes
Several changes have been made to the starter Codexes in-game.

While you’re at changing the starter Codexes, how about putting Fire Elemental into the red Codexes? When I started playing, I thought it quite confusing that I get the (what I then thought) key tempo cards (the elementals) regarding land placement for all colors, except for red. :wink:

This should be fixed for you now. Let us know if not.