Patch notes: August 26th, 2016

Hi everyone,

We just finished publishing today’s patch that includes:

  • Fixed the bug where sometimes the same quest was always appearing

  • Fixed the Daily Quests related to the Single Player where it was displaying an incorrect value

  • Fixed the Single Player progression percentage

  • Fixed the bug related to the “Continue” button appearing prior to the Victory/Defeat screen at the end a game

  • Improved translation support (thanks for your reports!)

  • The progression related to Mystery Quests has been removed as the same Mystery Quest can appear multiple times

  • You’ll now see a level requirement displayed in the Single Player when a lane is locked

  • The Welcome Screen can now be replaced by a still image through the settings. This will significantly increase the performance for some of you while we are working on our complete Quality Settings optimisation

  • The “Defeat Ruunin” quest is now named “Hunting the Huntress” instead of “Clear Cutting”

Have fun!

Update: We’ve applied a smaller mini-patch with the following fixes as well:

  • Fixed a game crash that could occur when going through a mystery quest
  • Reach level 8 was mislabeled Reach level 1 (Daily Quest)
  • A crash related to the Reach level 8 DQ has also been fixed
  • Corrected some crashes involving the Friendlist

Update 2:

There is currently a bug where having animations disabled while opening packs does not work correctly. We’re aware of the issue and will be fixing it as soon as we can. Until then, to open packs you will have to keep animations enabled. Thank you for your patience!

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could you answer a question:
is there a limited number of furago confrontations?

i’m just scared that i lost like 16 packs n gold for 8 additional packs already.
( since when mystic was still shown, losing to him moved the progress percentage forward )

i already lost like 16 matchups agains furago, i dont even get the lv10 quest anymore.
( thx to repeating quest bug, hopefully fixed today. i ve got only him in all 3 slotz, n get him over n over again )
he’s extremly broken with his pandora artefacts, using them for 0cost n having multiple of the same in deck.
as specially the sacrify a creature summon a 6/1 is op as ■■■■. you try to defeat your god, n instead of tanking 5 dmg you take 11 to the face. -.-’

plz add a way to shuffle solo quest!

btw: plz add another color for devs/mods in the forums, youre post looks like from a casual user.

found this screenshot on steam:
so i indeed lost ~24 packs?! GREAT JOB DEVs! slow clap

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