Patch notes: August 2nd, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the “Invite a friend” daily quest that was looping when 5 wins were reached.
  • Punishment now deals 5 damage to treasure cards, as if they were neutral.
  • Fix the issue with some accounts that were stuck in games.
  • Given the second card back to God players.
  • Fix tournament lobby bug where it was sometimes possible to start with no matches format selected, resulting in first game ending right after mulligan.
  • Usernames with accentuated characters (ö, é, è, ç,…) were broken ; they are going to be fixed gradually today (most of them automatically, some manually just after the update). Accentuated characters will be replaced by their ASCII counterparts (é è → e,…).
  • Higher league opponent star that was not given anymore is back! (If opponent is 5 ranks or more better, an additional star is awarded).
  • Versus Screen Bug has been resolved.

The Versus bug has been an issue for a number of players, it was caused by rare ping spikes when challenging an AI opponent, but should now be resolved.

As always, if you have any issues then please let us know at


The Faeria Team