Patch notes: August 8th, 2018

Today we’re releasing a balance patch addressing a few of the cards in the first part of Fall of Everlife.


With Fall of Everlife releasing only a few weeks ago, we’ve been keeping a close eye on all areas of play. The goals of today’s changes are to target specific cards in the first twenty of Fall of Everlife that we feel are necessary to adjust in order to keep the meta in a healthy place.

While this list of changes are relatively small in scope, we wanted to focus only on Fall of Everlife cards with this patch. These adjustments should have a significant impact on the state of the game and allow us to analyze it further so that we can zero in on other areas we may able to improve.

Let’s get into it.

Balance changes

  • Deranged Monkey
  • Life decreased from 2 to 1.

Deranged Monkey has given an incredible boost to Rush decks - something we’re a little wary of. It can be fairly difficult to trade away an early Monkey as a defending player. As a 4/5 for 4 when maxed out, it still should prove useful - but the opponent will have a lot more options on exactly how to deal with it.

  • Shadowsilk Faerie
  • Faeria cost increased from 2 to 3.

Shadowsilk Faerie has proven to be just a bit too much value. Whether it’s able to get its corrupt ability off or not, its sheer utility as a double harvester is often enough on its own. We like the way the card plays and don’t want to change its presence on the board, only make it just a little less guaranteed value.

  • Havoc
  • Faeria cost increased from 5 to 6.

Havoc is a very powerful new tool for Red. One of Red’s weaknesses, by design, is intended to be the lack of powerful hard removal spells. Havoc was pushing too far into this territory and we weren’t comfortable with it. This change now makes it a strictly worse Last Nightmare for Red decks, but still should remain highly useful.

  • Spirit Theft
  • Land cost increased from DDD to DDWW.

We’re pushing Spirit Theft to a higher land cost to delay its appearance so early into a game. The reduction in desert cost should also allow more multi-color decks to take advantage of this powerful spell.

  • Monstrous Hydra
  • Life increased from 5 to 6.

Hydra is a fun card that we would love to see have more play. At 6 cost, it is often difficult to justify placing a 5 health creature next to enemy land where it needs to be placed in order to be effective. After witnessing the effects of Fall of Everlife, we’re comfortable pushing Hydra into a more powerful statline.

Thanks for reading! This patch will be live today.

As always, we will continue to digest your feedback, observe, and make adjustments as necessary to keep the state of the game in the best condition possible.

  • The Faeria Team