Patch notes: Chronicles of Gagana

Emperor Kaios has been defeated, and the Oversky is saved.

This victory is short-lived, however, as the climate begins to slowly and irremediably deteriorate. Extreme winds soon blow over the Oversky, becoming so strong that the floating islands themselves begin to rock.

These conditions originate from Orobouros, the giant celestial snake that circles the world and it’s up to the crew of the Gagana to stop him.

The Chronicles of Gagana is the first part of a trilogy of expansions, and is available now on Steam.


  • 40 New Cards including Treasures and Treasure Maps.
  • Treasure Maps - Find and accumulate powerful new Treasure cards that can also be played in Pandora mode
  • Keyword: Discover - Discover cards embrace the core theme of exploration and discovery
  • New Cosmetics - Unique Avatar, Orb, Well and Card Back
  • New Mecha Subtype
  • A brand new battle environment featuring Heartforge, the city of the Mechas.

Cards of Gagana

New cosmetics

Purchasing the Chronicles of Gagana awards you exclusive cosmetics:

  • Cardback
  • Wells
  • Orb
  • Sorocco Avatar

New shore

Chronicles of Gagana includes a brand new battlefield background, or shore, which represents the capital city of the Mecha - Heartforge.

The Mecha

The Mecha are a brand new subtype introduced with the Chronicles of Gagana. The Mecha are a sentient race of machines that the crew of Gagana will encounter on their voyages.

Distribute your mechanical army across the board and overwhelm your opponent with explosive force.

In addition to the new Mecha introduced in this expansion, several existing cards have been converted to the Mecha subtype.

Existing Mecha creatures:

  • Flame Thrower
  • Cap-10, Sky Pirate
  • Bomb Slinger
  • Groundshaker
  • Cannon Carrier
  • Beast Trainer
  • Earthfire Shaker (Pandora)

Cannon Carrier has been redesigned completely.

When designing the new Mecha subtype, we realized that the existing Mecha in game did not necessarily have any coherent gameplay identity. With our limited card slots in this expansion, we felt it necessary to redesign a previously existing card that doesn’t really see a lot of play. This is why we’ve chosen to redesign Cannon Carrier.

The new Cannon Carrier not only works well with new cards like Detonate or Junkfeet, but it provides a vital amount of mobility and reach that Red decks tend to lack. We predict this card will not only be great in Mecha decks, but provide a boost to some Red decks in general.

Pandora update

With the release of Gagana and new treasures being added, we are implementing an experimental change for Pandora.

  • After Pandora opens, Faeria wells will no longer deplete.

This change is considered experimental and we’d like to observe the effects of this adjustment. We receive a lot of feedback about Pandora and are looking at ways we can improve it. Let us know what you think of this change.

Balance change

Rakoan Cannoneer

  • No longer can damage gods.

With the recent buff to Cannoneer, we’ve seen some problematic combo decks emerge that, in some cases, make it very difficult for the opponent to counterplay properly.

We like the power level of the card when supporting the Rakoan archetype, and will only be removing its ability to deal damage to gods directly.

Climb aboard!

What are you waiting for? Log in now and join the crew of the Gagana as they explore new lands and discover ancient treasures.

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Please note that your redesign of Cannon Carrier destroys three of my favorite decks. The ability to give ‘range’ was unique and very fun!! Please consider bringing it back in some way in the future, or tack it back onto the Cannon Carrier please in addition to it’s new power. It is never wise to take things away without a comparable replacement as it breaks games/decks that encourage creativity by disappointing those of us who like to build decks around seldom used cards or ideas. I don’t mind balance adjustments, but complete redesigns are a killer blow to us creative deck builders. :angry::disappointed:Thank you for your help in this matter.


I love that you are continuously expanding this true gem of a strategy game, I really do. But I’ve got to say that I’m really sad to see the Discover mechanic from Hearthstone being implemented. An abundance of random effects is what ultimately made me leave Hearthstone behind because I feel that it rewards luck and disregards a player’s skills. A strategy game should be about good strategy, not whether you’re luckier than your opponent. I know that there are plenty of situations in which thinking strategically about maximizing probabilities for advantageous outcomes is possible (placement of Seed Sower comes to mind), but I still feel that most random effects undermine the ‘purpose’ of any strategy game and my enjoyment of such games. Faeria is a game about building decks that consistently beat other decks. The random drawing of cards is - in my opinion - all the randomness the game should have.

When the Discover mechanic was first introduced in Hearthstone, I thought it was fun. It usually is fun to play with because it allows you to adapt to the situation. The problem is, it usually is not fun to play against because you often have no way of playing around it. When your opponent can choose between three cards from a large pool of possible cards and none of them are revealed to you, you truly have no clue what he or she might have (save for maybe its color, tribe etc.). I like the design of Fugoro (the old one) because it ALWAYS gives you the same three options. Thus, I have to think about which of the three would be most advantageous to my opponent in the current situation. I can’t do that when the pool of cards is even slightly larger than three.

The cards from the new expansion do not excite me. I am truly worried of the direction the game is going in. I love Faeria because I feel it is a card game that rewards strategy more so than any other card game I’ve played. In fact, it reminds me of chess! And that’s a compliment. If you keep adding random effects, that all goes down the drain.


I understand the feeling, when some cards change it can mess up certain decks you made in the past but often times there are cards that can be used as replacement. In this case Grappling Hook can be used instead of the old Cannon Carrier, it also gives range and cost much cheaper.

The old cannon carrier was very underplayed and didn’t have much of purpose since there was Grappling Hook to give your creatures range. I like the new design of cannon carrier it fits well with the mecha theme and can be used in non-mecha decks as a way to get aggressive lands near your opponent’s orb.

hope that helps : )

Nope, doesn’t help. When I put out my Queen’s assassin near my well, Give it safeguard, give it range, and savior of the meek. Use my sunken towers to move it around. It can hold down collecting on one side of the board; IF the range is permanent, which Grappling hook is not. Please remedy this in the next expansion please! Plus, Grappling hooks were already in there for more consistency. I need the ability to give permanent range. Or maybe have a card that gives ‘deathtouch’. Then I can put it on the other ranged creatures!