Patch Notes : client version: 0.9.6135.23971

The following changes/fixes have been applied:

  • French localisation is MUCH improved, thanks to the community effort.
  • Restore “Wild Growth” text in all languages (properly states that it creates 2 forests at random in all languages).
  • Land count should now always appear in the deck tooltip (before the new version of this part of the ingame ui is reworked).
  • Scrollbars polished.
  • Aurora’s orb scale has been fixed.
  • The opponent’s orb should not overlap with creatures next to it anymore.
  • Fixed the “drag arrow” sometimes still being displayed in the main menu after a game ended with a surrender.
  • Allow Khalim’s Gkyguard, Twinsoul Spirit’s and Yak Attack to be summoned next to Wind Gate.
  • Crumbling Golem now takes damage from Battle Toads.
  • Transforming a creature into another creature that has Haste makes it able to act on its first turn. Of course, if the original creature had already moved and/or attacked, it cannot act even if the transformed creature has Haste.
  • Fix Earthfire Shaker that would not be buffed after destroying structures.
  • The max level to be able to set the recruiter is now 5 (from 4).

Please continue to let us know about any bugs or issues that you have.


The Faeria Team


A supplemental patch was released with minor bug fixes and the following clarity changes to tooltips:

  • Activate - Click this Structure to Activate its effect.
  • Aquatic - Can only move in lakes and the sea.
  • Charge - Moves up to {0} spaces in a straight line.
  • Combat - Bonus whenever this fights a creature.
  • Deathtouch - Destroy any creature this damages.
  • Flying - Can fly over the sea.
  • Gift - Bonus when played from your hand.
  • Jump - Moves 2 spaces. Jumps over obstacles.
  • Last Words - Bonus when this dies.
  • Production - Bonus at the start of your turns.
  • Protection - The first time this would take damage, prevent it.
  • Ranged - Attacks the first enemy in a straight line (friendly units block the way). Can’t move and attack in the same turn.
  • Taunt - Enemies adjacent to this must attack it.

@Atmaz These are still inconsistent and confusing. For example, why using “bonus” when you’re already using “activate” elsewhere? You guys need to also start thinking in terms of timing and conditions when writing these effects.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Combat - Activate when this attacks a creature.
  • Flying - Can move over the sea.
  • Gift - Activate when this is played from your hand.
  • Jump - Moves up to 2 spaces in any direction. Can jump over units and the sea.
  • Last Words - Activate when this dies.
  • Production - Activate at the start of your turns.
  • Protection - When this would take damage, the damage becomes 0 and remove Protection.
  • Ranged - Attacks any enemy in a straight line (units block the way). If this moves this turn, it cannot attack for the rest of the turn.
  • Taunt - Enemies adjacent to this cannot move and can only attack your units with Taunt adjacent to them.

Use “when” when the effect is timing based and use “if” when the effect is condition based. The difference is that with a condition based the trigger can happen in the past. The only example here is Ranged where a creature can move then gain Ranged but the second effect of Ranged still applies.

The wording on Taunt is just completely wrong. The way you have it implies that a creature adjacent to two or more units with Taunt cannot attack at all.

The new wording of taunt (I mean Atmaz’ post) also implies that a taunted creature is forced to attack at all - even though it can stand there and do nothing.

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