Patch Notes: December 8th, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Iona can now, once again, be attacked if she is given taunt.
  • Annoying Gnats are now properly resummoned for the controlling player when stolen with cards like Aurora’s Trick
  • Disenchant exceptions should be refreshed by the client more often and should be more consistent with what setting is actually live on the server.
  • You cannot disenchant cards anymore that would lead to altering one of your decks while in a queue.
  • Using a coupon in the shop will now correctly display the item linked to the coupon.

Content Changes

  • User Journey improvement concerning the Battle Chests
  • Mission 1 now contains more hints and is slightly shorter
  • The Pandora matchmaking, specifically related to ELO, has been improved by having a more granular tolerance matching than previously applied.

New Illustrations

  • Shimmering Statue - by Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
  • Iona, Beloved by All - by Franck, Jordi and Vitaliy
  • Ruunin’s Guidance - by Franck, Jordi and Andrey
  • Seed Sower - by Jen and Andrey

Ruunin’s Command now has its final illustration and has been renamed to Ruunin’s Guidance for the occasion.

There are also a number of minor changes to improve performance and troubleshooting.

Thank you for reading.

The Faeria Team

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I would like to know what a more granular tolerance actually means. The other major
thing that concerns me is why does Pandora have an ELO-Based matchmaking?
Shouldn’t the win-lose-ratio for each run be the only thing that determines
matchmaking in Pandora? Regardless of the game mode playing better than the average
player should result in above average rewards. This is true for ladder as you
climb ranks until you reach a win rate slightly below 50% resulting in a reward
that’s in correlation to the skill and effort you put in. However, when you
base the Pandora matchmaking on ELO your average win rate and therefor reward will
be the same whether you play at 500 ELO or 2000 ELO. Improving your skill and
putting more effort into Pandora only minorly increases your rewards which discourages
player to improve. In addition, the quality of your Pandora run is way more
luck (cards you open and draw) than skill dependent.

While we don’t discuss the details of our matchmaking system for any mode, Pandora matchmaking primarily considers your current win/loss ratio as the biggest factor. This is described in these patch notes from September 29th of this year:

Based on the feedback that we received from you, we are also updating the matchmaking algorithm for Pandora to create a MMR-like score per run, based on your number of Wins and Losses.

Other lesser factors do include a general skill rating, but what the update on December 8th did was increase tolerance in such a way that, in times of low queue population periods, allows more matches to take place so no one is waiting 20 minutes for a match, which was a rare but real issue before this update.

Sorry for the late response, cheers.