Patch notes: Faeria: Resurgence - Part 1

Today we release the Resurgence expansion, as well as some new features and balance changes!

##Resurgence now available

Faeria: Resurgence is now available on Steam!

The Resurgence expansion contains 40 new cards split into two parts. The first batch of 20 become available immediately.

Part 1: 20 New cards

  • War rages. Destruction follows.
  • Featuring new Red, Yellow, and Neutral cards.
  • Unlocks TODAY!

Part 2: 20 New cards

  • Hope for victory. A bitter celebration.
  • Featuring new Green, Blue, and Neutral cards.
  • Unlocks October 23, 2018.

Purchasing this content immediately adds a unique Avatar, Orb, and Card Back to your collection - as well as 5 Battle Chests containing only Resurgence cards!

New features

Today’s update contains not only the release of Resurgence, but a set of new features and changes that will be available to all players of Faeria.

Voice acting

At long last, many inhabitants in the world of Faeria have been given a voice.

Many cards, including Sharra, Krog, and Rapala, will now speak when you play them - and sometimes more.

We’ve teamed up with Team Four Star to breathe more life into our game. We hope to continue to add more card-specific sounds as time goes on.

See how many of the new voices you can spot!

Call your friends

Have some friends you’d like to invite back to Faeria?

We’ve made it a little easier for you, and you both will win out in the end!

You’ll now see a new option in your friend list:

If you call a friend and they return to Faeria, you and every other player who invited them back will get 2000 gems!

Which friends can I call back?

  • They must be on your friends list.
  • Friends are eligible to be recalled if they have not logged in since July 18th.
  • They must have a validated email account, and bound to Steam.
  • You can only call a specific friend one time.

Card and balance changes

We’re also applying several balance adjustments and tweaks to existing cards.


Humbling Vision

  • Now rounds down.
  • This will now destroy creatures with a life value of 1.


  • Stats increased from 5/5 to 6/6.

Feral Kodama

  • Stats increased from 5/5 to 5/6.



  • Faeria cost decreased from 6 to 5.
  • Now is a targeted effect that effects the targeted space and all adjacent spaces around the target. (Like Meteor)

Gift of Steel

  • Cost increased from 3 to 4.

Crystal Flower

  • Land cost has been changed from 4 Wild to: 1 Forest, 1 Lake, 1 Mountain, 1 Desert.

Khalim’s Prayer

  • Land cost increased from DD to DDD

Gift of the Rakoa

  • Faeria cost increased from 3 to 4.

Bone Collector

  • Stats reduced from 1/3 to 0/3.

Possessed Ursus

  • Faeria cost reduced to 4 from 5
  • Stats reduced from 1/8 to 1/6.
  • Note: Due to a bug, Ursus incorrectly remains at 5 cost. This will be fixed next patch

Mobie, Azure Skywhale

  • Is no longer a Beast.

###Bug fixes and wording tweaks

  • Deepwood Stalker, Voice of Truth, Sagami Grovecaller have had their wordings changed in order to reflect the fact you can cancel their ability.
  • Mistral Guide now works consistently with all additional Dash effects. Both a creatures initial Dash and the Mistral Guide Dash will trigger.
  • Rakoan Illusionist and Oradrim Fanatic wording and abilities have been changed to be cancellable.
  • Rakoan Illusionist now properly only targets Rakoans.
  • Rakoan Illusionist’s token now has proper art.

Season reward changes

We’re continually evaluating our progression and reward system, and have applied the following changes to both Ranked and Pandora season rewards.

Seasons normally begin and end on the first Monday of every month.

Pandora Season Rewards

You will now receive the following rewards from reaching these amounts of Pandora Points per season. All rewards are cumulative.

  • 10 Pandora Points: 600 Shards
  • 25 Pandora Points: 1200 Shards
  • 50 Pandora Points: 2400 Shards
  • 75 Pandora Points: 3600 Shards
  • 100 Pandora Points: 3600 Shards + Silver Pandora Cardback
  • 125 Pandora Points: 4800 Shards
  • 150 Pandora Points: 4800 Shards + Mythic Chest
  • 175 Pandora Points: 5400 Shards
  • 200 Pandora Points: 6600 Shards
  • 225 Pandora Points: 7200 Shards
  • 250 Pandora Points: 8400 Shards
  • 275 Pandora Points: 9000 Shards
  • 300 Pandora Points: 9600 Shards
  • The top 64 players continue to receive the Golden Pandora Cardback.

Ranked Season Rewards

Ranked Season Rewards are now replaced with the following. All rewards are cumulative.

  • Rank 20: 1 Battle Chest
  • Rank 15: Silver Cardback, 2 Battle Chests
  • Rank 5: 1 Mythic Chest
  • Rank 0 (God Rank): Golden Cardback.
  • This means that a God rank player will receive both Cardbacks, 3 Battle Chests, and 1 Mythic Chest in total.

Thank you for playing Faeria!

As always, feel free to ask us questions in our official Discord channel.