Patch notes: Great, as long as you read them

March 29th, Patch hit the game today and of course patch notes accompanied. The notes were very detailed and a nice thing to see as they always are. With all the bug fixes and changes that have been made in the latest version of the game!

Of course you must READ them to know whats in them, and as I loaded up my Pandora draft today I did not. Of course I don’t often read a card description when drafting if I already know what the card does [did]. But of course some of my cards were changed in the latest patch [Lord of terror, drastically] and I was ignorant to this.

I of course firstly blame myself for not seeing there were patch notes, but upon further inspection the “patch notes” tab on the main page is actually very easy to be ignored for those of us who don’t scour the right side for news on most days. [and it not even being on the top]

While I wish not to complain about this or blame the game for something that in the end is still actually my fault, I would still like to suggest that maybe a popup accompany logging in on patch days to let us all know the game we love playing has been worked no and warn us to READ PATCH NOTES. Nothing crazy, just a little “Patch 1.x.x has been launched today, read about it here” with a small graphic or something.

This could be applied to any news that also lives on the right side of the screen, because when I open the game, that right side of the screen is never the first place I look [again not the games fault, but I feel I may not be alone here], I always go straight to the store to meet Goki or right into a game/draft. Of course UI design is not my expertise and I’m not going to complain about the people willing to do those kinds of things for the rest of us, just an idea I had that would certainly help me and possibly many others like me!

I’m actually curious of anyone else actually looks straight to the “news side” of the main page, or if you all just go straight to the game like me. Because patch notes are great! but only for those who read them :wink:


Same here. I didn’t know what they are.

War effort, what’s that? Doesn’t sound relevant to me. The Hub, what’s that again? I will just stick with what I know in the game.

Would be nice if they added a few words letting players know what those links are (e.g. information, guide, expansion, update, etc).

There is a severe lack of knowledge and links in game. You want to find more information? You actually need to leave the game and google for it. The game won’t tell you how to find it (I know it links to the Hub but it doesn’t tell you what the Hub is). The Youtube tutorials are so good, but so few players know about it or watch it.

Highly agree that, while the game is receiving regular patches, a “Most Recent Patch Notes” link deserves a few square inches of the main screen’s real estate. If there’s a way to blink or flash this link the first time (and only hte first time) a user logs on after a new patch, that would be really nice.

The steam launcher can notify you of a new patch as it’s patching the game when you first start to open it. It has a link to the patch notes too.

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I think they should make it abundantly clear like they do in Hearthstone. Have a window that pops up right when you log in that shows the patch notes, or the cards that were changed. I frequent the forums every day but I find it difficult to get the latest news about Faeria some times so I feel your pain.