Patch notes: January 24th, 2017

A small update was applied today to fix a new series of bugs, an improved prologue as well as some important improvements to the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Punishment was dealing 5 damage to treasure creatures instead of 2.
    Note: After further consideration and discussion, we will be reverting this change. Due to an internal miscommunication, this change was listed as a bug fix. We plan to revert this change with the next balance patch, which means that temporarily Pandora Treasures will not take 5 damage from Punishment.
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in a loading hint.
  • Fixed a bug where Iona’s Mirror was copying the wrong creature.
  • Fixed a bug where Annoying Gnats was dealing damage to the wrong player.
  • Fixed a bug with Aurora’s Trick that allowed the newly controlled creature to gather Faeria on the same turn.
  • Fixed a bug with Aurora’s Trick and Magda’s Rose that prevented a newly controlled creature with haste from moving, attacking, and gathering Faeria on the same turn.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ruunin’s Messenger to give a card to the wrong player when its controller changed.
  • Fixed a bug where the opponent’s remaining cards were not always shown when placing the mouse on his deck.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ranks to be displayed in ranked matches.
  • Fixed rarity of Khalim’s Prayer to rare (it was mistakenly epic). Players who own Khalim’s Prayer will receive a compensation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Firestorm and Hellfire from being played when the board was full.
  • Fixed a bug where spectators could not see a creature’s new stats after it was buffed.
  • Fixed an bug where the first quest of Fugoro’s pack would incorrectly be labelled as part of Aurora’s quest pack.
  • Market item description texts won’t overflow anymore in some languages.

##Gameplay improvements

  • Improved prologue tool tips flow
  • The “Your Turn” text will now be displayed for the very first turn of each match
  • The “Go to shop” text is not displayed anymore in craft mode.
  • Chatting is now available on iOS (using a friend’s popup menu in the friend-list, that appears after a long press)

Performance changes

  • Drastically improved overall performances and RAM consumption.
  • Improvement of friend-list performance.
  • Some rendering effects were disabled in the Chest Opening screen to boost up performance on low-end machines.
  • The water’s quality in the Chest Opening and Egg Hatching screens will now be sensitive to the quality settings, as it was already the case for the water on the home screen.
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