Patch notes: July 24th 2018

Quality of life changes:

  • Pandora rewards have been increased and balanced more toward card quantity rather than rarity of cards.
  • Text changes have been applied to Ruunin’s Guidance and Emperor’s Command to reflect the ninja changes in last patch in regards to how their targeting works.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Rain of Fish to correctly target all enemies rather than just creatures.
  • Fixed the craft timer that was being reset when server rebooted (it will unfortunately happen again this time, but it should no longer happen after)
  • Fixed the Oversky co-op mission rewards that were not given to accounts who completed them as an ally who did not own the island before v2.0 (the cards will be given to them directly)
  • Fixed a bug in the Crucible decks registration system when Mythic cards were used in the decks
  • Fixed Chinese players login issues
  • Fixed Loyalty Patch puzzles crash