Patch Notes: July 9th, 2019

Balance changes

  • Amai Merchant
  • Now discovers only 5 faeria cost cards. (Not higher)
  • Can no longer discover Legendary cards.
  • Potential bug fix regarding the random distribution of discovered cards.

We’ve had some reports on Amai Merchant, including some helpful charts, that pointed out how its Discover ability may not have been working correctly.

While investigating that, we decided to go a step further and make some fundamental adjustments to the card that should make it less frustrating to play against. By limiting the cards it generates strictly to 5f, not only does it lower the hand weight given to the opponent, but it should make them more useable in general due to the selection of non-legendary cards in this range.

Note that this change will temporarily have no localization outside of English, as we felt it was more important to get the change/fix out than it was to wait for translation.

  • Enslaved Priest
  • Health increased from 3 to 4.

  • Barrensky Vulture
  • Faeria cost decreased from 4 to 3.

These two changes feature underplayed cards that we wanted to give a bit of a kick in the butt. We’ve always been a bit disappointed that Corrupt decks never really became a thing, and Vulture has a really hard time competing with Spirit Theft. We don’t expect these changes to drastically change that reality, but it should make these cards just a bit more appealing!

Bug Fixes

  • Compass of Gagana should now always function properly after the first few turns.
  • Validating email addresses for new accounts has been fixed
  • Amai Merchant randomness made more truly random

The issue is, this change makes this card less appelaing to play with (imo)…
For the advantage we gain (1 body and a card), we are now giving our opponent 2 potentially useful cards that he may be able to use right on next turn.
The purpose of this card, anyway the way I played it, was to disrupt my opponent hand. It now fails to do so and I am looking for a replacement in my deck.

I agree this card needed fixing, but this one is too strong.
Maybe keeping the fix but not giving “wild” cards will do the trick.
What do you think ?

Let’s see how this goes first. Have you had a chance to see the new version in action yet?