Patch notes, March 10th 2017

A small patch with a few bug fixes here, with an important workaround.

Forcing updates

It’s important to know that during this time, as we synch updates across iOS and Steam, the only way you can receive this patch is by forcing the update in your Steam client.

Bug fixes

  • Defender of the Homeland copy has now the proper illustration
  • Structures & Legendary cards gray mask should not leave some colors anymore
  • A workaround was issued regarding the “New deck button crash”. If the crash occurs again, try logging back into the game: the game won’t prompt you the same tutorial over and over again anymore, and you should be able to deckbuild without the game crashing.

We are still actively monitoring reports of the New Deck crash bug, and if players can manage to get a dump of their crash, or provide any further details, it would be great if you could send it to us so that we can track and correct this bug more precisely.