Patch notes, March 17 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Mystic Beast will no longer be buffed by Triton Trainers
  • Note, Mystic Beast should never be buffed by a Triton Trainer, as Mystic Beast gains its jump from an ability after it is summoned, and is not inherently a “jump creature”.
  • Fixed empty Time of Legend’s options text
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing the creatures on the board to become invisible when the turn ended
  • Temporarily removed the Adventure Pouch card back animations
  • Note: This is a temporary fix to alleviate the problems some players are experiencing with FPS drops. We will work on finding a way to retain the fanciness without causing these problems.
  • Fixed a bug where the back button sometimes didn’t work to leave the lobby
  • Mythic cards are now displayed in collection and hidden in craft screen by default

Creatures are still becoming invisible after the turn ends sometimes (structures too), even after downloading the patch on iPad Air.

Also game still crashes constantly during battles on iPad Air but I think you’re already aware of that. :slight_smile:

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You actually get games to start?!?! Every time I try to play any kind of game, solo, battle, pandora, they all crash to the home screen just after the two big green rocks come in from the top and bottom. I’ve never been able to play on the iPad yet. Let’s get some comment on this Abrakam! Some answers and transparency would be good right about now! (BTW I’m on iPad Air (1). With the current iOS.)

Update - game is currently unplayable on iPad after this patch (aside from all the crashes). Creatures and structures disappear from the board after every single turn during matches in both Pandora and Ranked matches once you are a few turns in, and the only solution to make them reappear is to restart the app. I’m on iPad Air with the latest version of the game and the latest iOS update.

I as well hope you will address and correct these problems, as I’ve already spent a fair amount of money in-game as well as pre-ordering the supporter adventure pouch.

Also it would be nice if we could rotate the screen on iPad, while I’m at it :wink:

Update #2 - Time of Legends’ option text is still empty (not working properly, as before).

iPad Air, latest iOS

When playing , CPU keeps overload , high CPU usage. I`ve tried to set Faeria to “low quality”, but with no success.

I do play Hearthstone as well and dont have this problem.

Mac OSX Sierra
Macbook Pro 13’’ (Early 2011)
2,3 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

Devs? Are you listening? Would be nice to hear some word from you about all these problems. Everything’s still status quo as of now…same problems continue to occur all the time.

We’re aware of the iPad issues and will be making an announcement soon about the current situation. Thank you for all your reports.

Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

Good to see the devs chiming on this. Thanx Atmaz! I’m really hoping to be able to play on my iPad soon!

Is soon any time soon?