Patch notes: March 29, 2017

##Reward system update

One of the hottest topics that we’ve seen in our various feedback channels has been about our latest reward system, or the method by which players earn in-game currency just by logging in and playing the game for free.

We addressed a lot of these concerns in a previous news post. In short, our reward system (unlike many others you may find out there) is intended to rely less heavily on your ability to win games. The bulk of gold outside of Daily Quests, Daily Logins, and Solo content related rewards comes directly from leveling up. Since you gain experience in Faeria whether you win or lose, this means you are guaranteed to continue to earn gold in Faeria even if you can’t seem to win a game, preventing you from being stuck in a negative thought cycle of “can’t win, can’t collect.”

That said, we agree there could be some improvements made to our latest system. There is a major perception issue that comes from having such relatively small win rewards that is just not being communicated properly in-game. In an effort to remedy this, we’re making the following changes today:

  • You now get a minimum of 30 gold per win, guaranteed. Sometimes, you will win much more, to the tune of 150g. The rate at which you receive the 150g is based on chance and is designed to be an extra bonus you get from time to time.
  • Experience given by Battle and Pandora games has been increased by yet another 30%
  • The average gold gained from leveling up has been increased by 50%. It will also be delivered in more readable batches of gold.
  • The average value of the Daily Login rewards has been increased from 300G to 400G.
  • The legendary drop rate from Battle Chests has been increased.
  • Mission pack gold cost has been decreased from 4500G to 4000G.
  • The 100 gold awarded for the “First win of the Day” bonus has been removed.
  • In short, we found this bonus hardly had impact on player perception and was often completely disregarded when players tended to sum up “Faeria’s progression system.” Many people simply just forgot it existed or didn’t even notice it when it was awarded. We feel taking the gold from this bonus and redistributing it elsewhere (see above) will have a much more net positive effect on a player’s F2P experience.

We hope you like the changes we’ve made to our progression system today, and would like to thank you for all of your feedback since the latest version was released. As always, we’ll continue listening.

##iPad supported devices adjustment

Effective on Wednesday, March 29th, we will be locking the iPad version to iOS10 and higher only.

After much deliberation and development consideration, this is the only way to prevent the huge amount of crashes that people are experiencing with low-tier iPads. We do not want to provide a product that does not operate to our standards of functionality, and it appears there is no other path for us forward in older iPad models.

It’s a difficult decision for us to make, but we hope you understand.

Our goal is to have Faeria available on as many devices as possible, but we are forced to draw the line at hardware that simply cannot support the game without experiencing frustrating crashes.

As always, we continue to look for more ways to optimize Faeria for those devices that do support it, and only look at improving performance for the future.

##GBP price balancing

We do our best to continually keep our prices even across the board to all regions, countries and platform, regardless of the currency used. From time to time, this requires us to change prices in order to match the value of different currencies from region to region to maintain balance and fairness.

In light of the GBP (British Pound) fluctuation, that seems to stabilise now, both Apple and Google have adapted their automated GBP pricing in order to reflect those changes. In order for us to keep our cross-platform experience as fair as possible, we are now applying the same changes.

Pricing changes

  • 250 Gems: £0.99 (was £0.79)
  • 1500 Gems: £4.99 (was £3.99)
  • 3250 Gems: £9.99 (was £7.99)
  • 7500 Gems: £19.99 (was £14.99)
  • 16250 Gems: £38.99 (was £29.99)
  • 21000 Gems: £48.99 (was £39.99)

Our goal is never to increase prices from the model we have set, but only to maintain the equality across all regions. We aim to be as transparent as possible in all of these changes and hope you understand.

Balance Changes

We are also applying the following changes:


  • Now costs 9f (was 4f)

Failed Experiment

  • Now costs 1f (was 0f)
  • Gives a 4f discount on the next creature drawn (was 3f)


  • Now is 3/3 (was 4/5)


  • Now gives 12f (was 13f)

Lord of Terror

  • Now is 0/6 (was 0/10)
  • Now costs 6f and 3 Mountains (was 2 Mountains)
  • Now has ability “Whenever your opponent is dealt damage, gain that much Attack.”

If you want to learn more about those changes, a designer’s note can be found here.

##Fixes and improvements

  • Improvements of our notification system in case of outdated client
  • Improvements of the auto-reconnection mechanism
  • Fixed bug that was sometimes preventing from starting tournament lobby games
  • The order of the Rapala solo missions has been updated to put the hardest Rapala mission as the last mission of that lane
  • Time of Legends’s effect now works as a draw and thus triggers the appropriate draw effects
  • Improvement of the shop tutorial
  • Addition of levels to Friendlist
  • Addition of an “Online friends” counter
  • Addition of a confirmation box when surrendering
  • Addition of a display box when a player’s opponent your opponent is still choosing his cards
  • Addition of crafting and disenchanting animations
  • Reduction of suggest played friend to 1
  • The game now reloads when the game language is changed
  • Fixed a bug that caused tooltips in Pandora drafts to be displayed behind the cards

The Faeria Team


I wish they would update the ranked reward system also.
Fighting hard to get to rank 15. My reward: two mythics. Which are basically worthless for new players besides a bit of memoria. Sad!
Other than that I welcome the new reward system update.

Lord of Terror nerf hits hard though. RIP Burn decks, really makes me sad that they through away that unique ability. (And yes I read that they might revisit it in the future).
Lord of Terror was also a taunt creature that could stop big green creatures. One way less for red to handle green.

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Yeah, I was more disappointed with the season-end rank reward than the gold reward per game/win. Wish that was improved.

The new gold reward are all very nice. Should be able to save up gold much faster now.
Better chance to get Legendary is good too.

I didn’t realize the average was 300g. It’s usually 40g or 120g with a chest at the end of the week? :confused: May be the maths work out that way.

And there’s a new gem starter pack too with 1 Legendary and 1 Mythic Chest extra for $10. Much better deal than the steam pack. I wonder if we can buy the gem starter pack more than once. You can get the Legendary this way.

ipad still bugy as hell
ipad 2 with ios 10
(32bit cpu)

crashes when you try to start playing

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lord of terror is bugged he dont gain attack and dont have tount is completely useless now:)

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so, this was the big iPad announcement we were waiting for?
you are limiting it to iOS10?

have an iPad Air latest iOS version and tried the new Faeria update
guess what? still crashed during my first game. still not able to rotate. still feels extremely laggy.
I am loosing my patience with this unfinished iPad version and actually loosing the wish to play Faeria anymore

will you fix the iPad version or not?

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We have made a change to today’s patch notes clarifying the very first line of the new reward system. Note that nothing at all has changed, and this is only a clarification. It now reads as follows

  • You now get a minimum of 30 gold per win, guaranteed. Sometimes, you will win much more, to the tune of 150g. The rate at which you receive the 150g is based on chance and is designed to be an extra bonus you get from time to time.
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Same as skyl1ght … ipad air … constant crashes

@DrGECKO Thank you for the updates.
I know that Abrakam has been taking a lot of flack from people over the “Day 1 dlc”, reduced gold rewards etc. I think that this will go a long way into making people happier. As someone who can be a little pessimistic and jaded when it comes to video game devs and whether they actually care/listen to the community, it’s heartening to have seen such a strong response from Abrakam. Thank you so much for all the hard work y’all put in to make the game fun to play and fair. :heart:

@DrGECKO Consider adding that the cards can be disenchanted for a full refund. Some people aren’t aware.

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Wow, thank you Abrakam. I was happy with the rewards as they were. The balance changes are interesting, it will be fun to build around the new Lord of Terror. The one I disagree with is doomsday, but I can understand why it was done. Good to see developers being quick and responsive.

Same here as Skyl1ght and Roches! Every time I try to play any kind of game (solo, battle, pandora) they all crash the app. I hope you do something soon. I’m very dissatisfied with this update. I have an iPad Air(1). And I installed iOS 10.3 just for Faeria. Still crashes. Call up another dev that doesn’t have this problem and ask for help if you have to!

Buyed and played 4 missionpacks a few days before this patch.
Now it’s 2000 gold cheaper. Any chance for a fair balance?

Did anybody notice the text on the cards look a bit jagged and blurry? A few players brought this up on steam. Look different to how it was before.

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And why does stop spectating ask you “would you like to surrender?” :laughing:

Thanks for the changes to the friendlist, much better now.

can we get some information what’s the problem with the iPad version?
I was hoping for some fixes now for quite some updates, but only telling us that you are limiting support is not really promising
at least give us a sign that you are aware of the problems and working on fixing them

So having the same issues, on an iPad mini 2. It’s pretty crazy that this game run so hard that it burns out the iPad it feels like lava when I touch it. It also burns out the processor on my MacBook air I have to run it at the lowest resolution and windowed mode and set it on low graphics and still heats up.

Thank goodness I still have my desktop which has no problem! But I really feel like we need a graphically tone down version of the game for mobile. Literally the catchphrase of the game is the card battler perfected for mobile yeah it’s not available on any mobile platforms that work

I’m not happy with Lord of Terror change. He’s a very sad “Epic” now. He could be wiped out/avoided fairly easily before, and now he has even less health. Putting him as a mere mortal attacker, he has no chance against some of the greens with massive health, even if he gets an opportunity to build attack. Just my biased opinion, because he was a great addiction to my red as a direct damage tank. Even with the bug aside, he seems very useless and especially labeled as an Epic - nerfed way too much and beyond reasonably imo.

Hi devs, the crashes on iPad Air with the latest iOS update have been mitigated somewhat since the last patch, rendering the game somewhat playable (on the lowest video settings), which is an improvement. However, crashes are still occurring on a regular basis during matches, which is extremely frustrating, especially in Pandora, which costs gold and on more than one occasion have caused a reversal in board control due to being unable to complete my turn due to having to log back in and this has likely caused me to lose quite a few matches as a result.

Sadly I’m beginning to contemplate getting the money I spent on the game via the iTunes Store refunded. This game was not ready for release on mobile, was advertised as “perfected for mobile” and it’s been over a month since launch now with these problems plaguing us all the way. My patience is beginning to wear a bit thin :frowning: