Patch notes: March 9th, 2017

Hey everyone, thank you for your patience as we work through the set of bugs that appeared with version 1.0.

This patch will fix some of the most major issues players were running into, but there are a few stragglers we’ll have to pick up later such as the ‘floating structures’ bug.

Forcing updates

It’s important to know that during this time, as we synch updates across iOS and Steam, the only way you can receive this patch is by forcing the update in your Steam client.

##New feature

  • Faeria will now mute sounds while in background, and there is an option to disable this new behavior in the audio settings

Bug fixes

  • ‘Double harvesting’ should no longer occur
  • Mythic Chests now properly displaying avatars that you open.
  • Gabrian Archon is now working correctly
  • Altar of Souls cost is now correct
  • Chat won’t crash anymore when using /m and /w commands followed by another player’s name
  • [Steam client] Password recovery won’t make the game crash anymore when clicking “OK”
  • [Steam client] Various Steam crashes should not occur anymore
  • Rewards you would receive during a tutorial won’t pop until the tutorial end is reached
  • Spectators should now properly see “Player X’s turn” at each new turn instead of only “Your turn” when it’s the spectated player’s turn
  • Spectators won’t hear a constant humming sound anymore
  • Coupons awarding 1 battle chest or 1 mythic chest can be redeemed back again
  • RAM performance improvements
  • The “Your turn” messages are now smoother/faster

##Server restart, tomorrow at around 10am CET

There are a couple bug fixes that we cannot implement without restarting the servers completely. Therefore, tomorrow we’ll be restarting all Faeria servers at around 10am CET. Expected downtime is 20 minutes.

Bug fixes upon next restart

  • Minichests will reward 10G less often
  • We’ve heard a lot of feedback on the new reward system, but we want to be clear on the fact that the 10g rewards which are currently received so often from mini-chests is actually a bug, and in general you are intended to receive more on average. We’ll talk more about the reward system in tomorrow’s Faeria Friday, but here is a summary post where we share some more philosophy behind the changes.
  • We’ll be fixing it so you cannot buy a cosmetic item in the shop if you got it from a Mythic Chest before.

Missing from yesterday’s patch notes: Pandora reward adjustments

With all of the new changes from version 0.96 to 1.0, some things fell through the cracks and didn’t make the patch notes. One of those important things was the following:

  • Pandora games now reward the same mini-chest after each win as in constructed, and therefore all Pandora rewards have been reduced by 100 gold each.

Keep in mind, Pandora rewards before this version included the old amount of gold for each win within the Pandora prize itself. You didn’t get an extra screen where you received gold for a win - now you do. That is the reason for this change, and sorry we didn’t explain it earlier.

Here is a list of updated Pandora Rewards.

iOS fixes

We are currently waiting on approval for an iOS version that should fix many of the crashes players are experiencing. Sorry for the wait!


Sorry, can’t find a place to put the bug I found. So I have decided to write here. If you know the other place, please, write and I will resubmit.
Small bug: When I run Test of Pandora and have 2 games win and 2 lost, I am told- Take your prize, before these patches, I had there some coins, not after you click Take- nothing happens and no money also are added to the total sum. If you do not want to give money for this, then just write - Leave Pandora and it will be understandable. But when you write Claim your prize but nothing happens, it is frustrating.

Please submit bugs to, and thank you!

Thank you!!

My biggest issue right now is figuring out how we unlock the avatar specific emotes for Hoaka and other avatars we unlock from mythic chests. I have Hoaka, Seifer, and Khalim all unlocked, but they only use the standard 5/5 emotes. I have tried looking this up and sending emails to figure it out. No response as of now, so I was hoping someone out here would know what the deal is. I have opened a bunch of chests and haven’t seen emotes being something we unlock from them. I could just have some of the worst rng, but in my defense after lots of searching I have seen nothing posted specifically about the emotes.
My bad I posted this on the wrong thread :flushed:

You have to collect the full set orb/wells/card back and the avatar

I went to check on this and I have everything for Seifer unlocked except his emotes. I am not sure if you ment you need to fully unlock everything the shop has in order to recieve the emotes. Not to mention Hoaka only has the avatar, so he should have emotes when you get him then?

The numbers indeed indicate owned emotes, however not every avatar will have special emotes. Only the special ones will (the ones included in the bundles) and others we add in the future.

Thanks for the response and this much I understand. I have heard the prices will be discounted soon for those of us that own part or all of the set except emotes. I really hope this would be the case as nobody likes paying for the same item twice. A great example would be my Seifer and Khalim. I have everything but their emotes unlocked and would never expect to have to pay for the other items again. If you could clear this up or confirm that we will get discounted prices off the packs that would be appreciated. Sorry for stressing this, but I feel something this big will make or break Faeria. I personally love the game so I hope for the better result! :slight_smile:

It seems like you guys want us to pay twice for something. Why would we not be able to unlock the emotes for special avatars from mythic chests? Why after spending real money to unlock all the cosmetic items would we have to pay something as outrageous as 7500 gems($19.99) or 112,000 gold just for the emotes? As someone who was happy to support you guys through the beta and after release it is a bit sad to see things handled like this. I would love to be wrong about this somehow, but I haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe otherwise. I was looking forward to playing the game after release, but can’t bring myself to do anything other than log in and see if anything has been done about this. Cheers and happy easter!

Emotes are still not fully implemented[quote=“Hezeus, post:10, topic:3315”]
It seems like you guys want us to pay twice for something. Why would we not be able to unlock the emotes for special avatars from mythic chests?

Edit to clarify: My previous statement was incorrect, you can indeed loot pieces of bundle cosmetics from cosmetic chests, but not the emotes yet as that functionality is not implemented. We fully intend to make this possible in the future.

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