Patch Notes: November 23rd, 2016

We are going to perform a client and server update in the next few minutes. All current games will be completable, but you will need to restart your client (and apply the latest version) before starting any new matches.

Patch notes:

  • Fix crash that could happen when reconnecting to a game
  • Fix bug that could cause the AI to skip its turn in some missions
  • Fix bug that made it impossible to connect for some accounts
  • Round up everyone’s gold amount
  • Fix Fugoro quests (players will play the proper, new fugoro epic quests now and not the old challenges anymore)
  • Fugoro’s prompt about having only once chance to beat him won’t show anymore
  • Puzzle 31 has been fixed (was impossible because of a card cost change)
  • Puzzle 33 (that was previously using Unbound Evolution) has been replaced by a brand new puzzle
  • Abilities icons (seen on the tokens of creatures having them) have been updated!
  • Fix: When your opponent drew treasures in Pandora, a placeholder card would appear and go in his hand

Edit: this should now be applied. Please report any issues via the usual channels.

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A small correction: It was Puzzle 35 that was replaced.
If you want to go back and try the new puzzle using replay mode.

It’s a decent puzzle, in my opinion, if you’re into that sort of thing.