Patch notes: October 2nd, 2018

Today we’ve deployed a balance patch to live servers. Read on to see what it contains.

Bug fixes

  • Firestorm can now be casted even if the board is completely filled with land.
  • Possessed Ursus now costs 4 Faeria as intended.
  • Kaios, Demented Overmind can’t have his attack buffed anymore while in deck/hand.

Balance changes

Twinsoul Spirit

  • Faeria cost increased to 5 from 4.

Istanu, Eternal Light

  • Stats decreased to 5/5 from 6/6.

Hunt Down

  • Land cost increased to FFWW from FWW. (Now costs 1 more Forest)

Developer notes

The last major patch shook up the meta with set of new cards and changes to two of the biggest limiting factors in the game: Firestorm and Crystal Flower.

Overall, we are happy that there are new decks being played that many people rarely saw before the patch, and its clear how much Firestorm and Crystal Flower were limiting deck diversity. On the other hand the removal of two major limiters has made some of these decks rather overbearing. Twinsouls generating 8 power and 6 toughness for 4f was always very powerful but was hidden by how weak the card was to Firestorm. Similarly, Istanu was being held down by a large amount of the meta playing at least one of Firestorm or Crystal Flower to deal with it. With these removed playing against it can feel as unrewarding as playing against Ruunin.

Though there is no plan to revert Firestorm to its exact previous version, it is clear from how many decks have popped up that it was an overbearing presence on the meta. That said, if it becomes impossible to individually balance each swarm deck that pops up we might return Firestorm to some form of weaker global damage card.

Thanks for reading, and please continue to leave your feedback!

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