Patch Notes: September 8th, 2016

##Features and tweaks

  • We’ve implemented the necessary features for the Egg hatching this weekend. Keep an eye out on our blog tomorrow for more information on how it will work!
  • When your Mulligan times out before the Confirm button is clicked, you will now redraw any cards you have selected
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes left disenchanted cards in player decks.
  • The pause feature has been removed.
    Note: The pause feature is something we see more often being abused by players to distract their opponents than used for its intended purpose, and is a common source of frustration from players. We have decided to remove the feature entirely from the settings menu.
  • Displaying colored land count is now enabled by default for new players.
  • Mythic cards now have shiny animations on their border
  • Slight texture optimizations

##Bug fixes

  • Earthfire Shaker now properly gains +2/+2 when destroying structures.
  • Ancient Herald and Spring Mochi no longer provide their reduced cost effects when not played from the player’s hand (from an evolve or transform effect).
  • Fixed a client crash that happened in puzzles when there were no more moves left and the player’s orb was destroyed at the same time.
  • Fixed various bugs occurring in some quests, like taking fatigue damage at the beginning of the first puzzle or outdated hints.
  • Fixed a bug where messages concerning a puzzle could be sent after the retry button was clicked, leading to a crash
  • Various translation updates
  • Fixed a few weird issues that lead to have the animated background displayed in-game, in the booster portal, or any other place where it should not be displayed.