Path to Paradise Bugged - Gets Both Effects in Pandora

Title says it all, had an opponent exploit a bug with Path to Paradise to get the special land and a 5/8 deepwood grizzly right next to my orb. Only one path was played and there were no other cards on the field or otherwise played on his turn (game had just started, was mb 3 or 4 turns in).

Just wanted to let yall know.

Hope to see this fixed soon. Have a good one!

What’s the bug, exactly?

5/8 is what you should get for a path-to-paradise-summoned grizzly. What is the other effect?
Did your opponent get the +2/+0 when summoned on a different tile? or place the tile somewhere they shouldn’t be able to?

Edit - did you think the “choose one” meant you either created a land or got +2/+0? “Choose one” is actually a keyword used whenever you’re given a set of choices - in this case you only choose between lake, mountain, forest, desert. The +2/+0 is always active (for that turn and tile) after you’ve chosen land type and placed the land.

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