Path to paradise

Now I know the card is barely used anywhere, outside the new “Path to face” rush deck, wich is why I am here. When I look at the card, it seems to be a rush card, dosent really fit red, nor green IMO with the +2/0 stats, it just seems a card for ramp land and rush, so what i suggest is change the card to give +1/+1, if you ask me, this fits perfectly into both colors - red & green, and should discourage a yellow rush - haste deck since I’m pretty sure it was not meant for that.

Land creation is green. High attack is red. So it seems fairly suitable to me. It also synergizes with green’s dash creatures (it has the most, although with haste, yellow wins) and Crackthorn (and red’s Rakoan Chieftain).

However, I personally think it is very slightly OP (compare it to earthcraft, which was used fairly often) - although less OP than most Oversky cards, though.
I wonder if making it require 2M and 2F would balance it. That would also make it less of a rush card.

I don’t know if 2 Mountains is a good idea, but they could add a single Wild Land to its land cost.

That would ensure that the card would only be used in crackthorn decks, and I dont think it does enough for a card that needs 4 lands, I just think the synergy with yellow rush is too strong, that’s why I proposed +1/+1, seems best to me, or just 1 creature can get the buff, that would tone it down as well.