Pay 2 Win confirmed?

Is there any point in playing the game if you do not buy the full package?
I have come to seriously doubt it.
Is there any point in this post?
Well, maybe, balance something before all of us who do not feel like throwing 55 euros in an UNFINISHED game get the hell out of a heavily unbalanced game.(we did back you up with our early access money)
What’s that? There is already balance?

Hey Swaglord,

Actually, a big part of the highest ranked and most accomplished players in this game did not buy the full collection! Many of them started playing a long time ago though so they have had plenty of time to work on their collection. Faeria is already very generous compared to other cardgames, but I understand that it is still tough, hopefully and probably, the release of Pandora will help out a lot in that regard!
And about balance, I dont know if you are active on Faeria Discord, but the developers are working haaard with the game-balance, and listen to the communitys feedback a lot. Usually there is a balance patch per week.

I hope you will continue playing! Good luck and remember - when its nice weather, eat icecream!


Sure, thing is, there is a HUGE brick wall when it comes to value/cost/efficiency between standard/low cost cards and premium/high cost cards.
Be reminded, that even in games such as Duelyst, HS, Mmdoc, you could, theoretically hit high ranked level with free/freemium decks(Abyssian aggro/Vanar control, Zoo and Druid FoN, 4/0/1 poison ).
While i HOPE that that may one day be achievable here as well, as of now, there is really no way for anyone who doesnt have the full list to compete on a even footing.
Maybe do a mode for those of us who dont have the full list yet?
I really am at a loss, and i have clocked 80+hours so i think i have got the gist of it.

Do not forget, if you cannot attract new players, the game WILL die, and also, there was a post in reddit about this, there are Legendary and Epic cards which essentially render the basic cards useless, if i find the link i will post it.

I’d just like to point out that this is your experience and while I apologize that it has been difficult, you have to look at your contribution of the early access as a bolster to the development of the game. As you said, you knew that the game was unfinished on purchase but then you still expect a perfect balance. This may be a valid point. I personally don’t agree with common cards having the same potency and potential as rare or legendary cards. There’s a reason they cost more dust or are harder to obtain and I think that players who have put in the time or money deserve an advantage.

It appears that you bought the game because you saw some potential in it and it sounds like you’ve put a good amount of time in as well. I hope you continue to see that potential and provide constructive feedback to the community on how cards could be changed to become more valid on ladder or another competitive setting. Join us on the discord! The Devs are very open minded and love to hear all forms of feedback.

Lastly, I would like to point out that F2P decks with no legendaries can beat players with legendaries currently - you just need to have a highly principled and skilled approach to take advantage of their missteps. Unlike other DCCGs such as Hearthstone, the board and spacial maneuvering means that it is more than the cards in the deck that make a strong player.

Indeed,as you said, it is my personal experience, and obviously nobody ever expects perfect balance, but i think you missed the point of my post, which is MAKE A DECK COMPRISED OF CHEAPISH CARDS COMPETITIVE. It all really boils down to this.

F2P required some time to farm boosters.
currently it’s a bit frustrating to not have some legendaries and constantly run into it, but it’s part of the deal.
f2p has harer time making decks and need to choose decks (and style) depending on the cards he has, which gets pretty hard sometimes :frowning:

getting up in the ladder is still possible, it’s more difficult, and sometimes furstrating …
you can’t expect not to pay anything AND have the same cards in-game after a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish the epics were limited to 2 per deck, this would somehow reduce the gap between full collec and f2p.

i think it’s at least 3-4 months of play to have a full collec. (after a month & 100h, i still have only 3 legendaries - 5 from boosters in fact, but 2 double draw)

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I’m ftp, and getting enough fun from the current progression system. Yes, it is hard and often impossible to netdeck being a ftp player, but with some skills you could use the cards you get and make decks out of them. And win enough times to have fun.

When there’d be Pandora, I expect it to be so much friendlier for ftp players.

And the current Highlander can be played with a high win-lose ratio using just commons and rares. I tried it, did such deck — 7 wins and just 1 lose. If you know what you’re doing and how things work it is fun. Yeah, sometimes when opponents play legendaries after legendaries and they can be really OP, but… when you’re winning over those players with your ftp commons&rares only deck, the fun is 10⨉ multiplied.

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Still getting HARD owned with 0 fun due to pay2 win bois.

Gee, it is SO MUCH FUN to lose to people with superior cards.

Strategy game…Sure…

I will just copy and paste what i wrote on another similar topic:

I did not bought the full collection, just been playing the game to get the rewards from lvl and dailies (a lot of rewards), and i can do pretty well on ranked so far.

Now, whats the difference between someone who bought the full collection, and someone who got the cards for a strong deck, or even all the cards in the game (quite possible) by just playing? No difference. So that is not pay to win, that is pay to get something faster. If you do not pay, you have to play the game to get your things, like a damn game.

Play the game and learn how to play it instead of raging.

Looks like you prefer will whine everywhere instead of learn. Or you just want button “Win them all?”

One thing that might be worth considering is that a large majority of the players at the moment are backers who got the full collection free, when the game is out fully there will be far less people with full collections, especially early on in the experience.

It’s not pay to win but still, the fun is missing severly in the beginning. I just started out and I have close to no fun at all… I really regret putting money into the game… There are really no good tutorials that explain certain card mechanics to you. I can’t really build decks that can compete with what little I have… I’m basically just playing the game until my opponent drops some legendary sh’t that I have nothing against. Then I surrender, queue again and hope that THIS time I play against somebody that doesn’t have all these powerful cards… Hearthstone does a WAY better job at this with powerful removal spells that you get right from the beginning, fair RNG effects and with the Tavern Brawls, where everybody can have fun.
As much as I like the idea of having a more strategy-focused card game, it’s really hard as a newbie in Faeria and I’m losing interest in the game pretty quickly… :frowning:

Here’s link number 1 to get better at Faeria: How to improve at Faeria - A guide

Here’s link number 2 (work in progress): Oracle Text for all cards

If you need more help google or ask around. Alot of us like to help people out. There is also some website with decklist such has faeriadeck

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Hearthstone does a WAY better job at this with powerful removal spells
that you get right from the beginning, fair RNG effects and with the
Tavern Brawls, where everybody can have fun.

Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree @ Hearthstone doing a better job for new players.
It’s just that Hearthstone is much easier to learn, because you actually don’t have to learn as much. This doesn’t mean it makes a better job, but it’s just a much simpler and more casual game. Most of it comes from the simple and, placementwise meaningless board of Hearthstone, while meaningful decisions are often replaced by rng-stuff. Not much to learn there.

As much as I like the idea of having a more strategy-focused card game, it’s really hard as a newbie in Faeria and I’m losing interest in the game pretty quickly…

However, I agree on your point, that Faeria could use some more tutorial-like stuff: The game is way more complex than other card games, so it needs more tools for new players (especially casual ones) to learn it. I think the codex-quests are a good start for this, but not more.

One way to improve this, could be npc-challenges (like in Scrolls, for those who know it): You have a list with specific challenges, which confront you with a preset situation on the board. You know, sometimes with a deck you build yourself and sometimes (for beginners) with a preset deck, maybe even a preset hand and draw on the following turns. This way, you can teach new players the different possibilites to react on specific board situations, they are otherwise overwhelmed with.
The goal of these challenges also shouldn’t always need to be “destroy your opponents orb”, but maybe something like “build a land on spot X, Y and Z within a set number of turns”, “don’t let your opponent touch your orb for X turns” (while you get taunt creatures and have to face charge/haste/jump etc.) or stuff like that (you get the idea).
Such challenges should also reward the player for completition based on their difficulty (packs? pandora coins? gold? avatars/orbs etc.?).

Regarding the fullcollection, Faeria assists new players way better than Hearthstone already (which, I admit, isn’t hard).
Faeria: basically one pack/per day due to 10g/win (20 for the first) and 60g/quest, while having like 1 epic every second pack, 1 legendary every… 15-20th? (maybe I was lucky with this, though)
Hearthstone: basically one pack every second day, while having like 1 epic every 5-7 packs and 1 legendary every 25th-30th pack (yes, I kept track of this). That bonus pack for each week’s tavern brawl feels totaly laughable in comparison, especially considering that you just get 40 dust (4 commons, 1 rare) out of it pretty fast and most of the time.)
So in conclusion, I think Faeria much more playable without buying the full collection than Hearthstone is. If you start the latter today, you can spend like $300+ for packs and even then you won’t get close to a full collection.


The codex cards include Frogify and Last Nightmare, which are the best removal events in the game.

Aside from that, Faeria is somewhat hard to get into for new players. The prologue only really tells you the basics and not much about strategies you need to win games.

Scrolls like challenges would be useful to new players. A lot of new players don’t know how to defend against rush, for one. There could be an AI challenge against rush that gave you brief hints on how to beat. It would help new players to play better against rush.

The starter cards in Faeria are better than Hearthstone’s. They’re fairly even in power with cards that you get via packs. Hearthstone’s cards are underpowered compared to newer expansion cards. It’s still hard to win with Faeria’s starter cards against some of the best decks. It’s mostly a matchmaking problem. If there were enough new players that they could all get matched up with each other, the collection disparity wouldn’t be a problem.

Well, I agree that it is very untasteful playing p2w games. In the long term they all loose backup from most players when having good cards is too decisive for wining and new players see that they are light years.

For balance, it is a desired if epic cards introduce more complex strategies rather than an overpowered version of a common card. But obviously, epic cards always give a kick; that is unavoidable. Otherwise, what’s the point of collecting cards, if you can always win with only common cards.

I think the key is to mix players with the same leveling of decks by ranking decks by the number of rare/epic cards. How this can be put together with the conventional ranking based on win/loose ratio… Maybe someone has any brilliant idea.

Actually the matchmaking should try to do has you recommended. You need to have a valid opponent tough(If no one in the queue match your skill/card collection then you will face someone else).