Peace Blossom Guide - Outsmarting the Wisest

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As you might have already noticed the first time you tried to battle against this green god his difficulty isn’t that insane because of his deck but rather because of his special ability: FILLING UP HIS OPPONENT’S HAND WITH “[Card=334]GREATER WISDOM[/Card]” CARDS EACH TURN as soon as you’re two turns into the battle. And this is a problem.
Because while each Greater Wisdom card costs 3 Faeria on its own every card you draw while having the maximum of 9 cards in your hand gets DESTROYED forever (not literally forever but 'till the end of the battle). Wouldn’t be that big of a deal but unfortunately you have only 30 cards in your deck and as soon as they’re running out you and your ally will start to die. The damage you’re taking each time you’re trying to draw a card but there’s no cards to draw from is equal to 1 + (number of times you tried this before), in other words at your maximum of 20 life you have up to 6 turns left until your unavoidable death from being cardless.
And at the same time once the Peace Blossom has started to spread his wisdom it is impossible for you to receive cards at the beginning of the turn because you’ll always have a full hand – either from your own cards or from Great Wisdom.
And because Greater Wisdom cards only have negative effects when in a full hand you basically want to keep your deck filled with your own cards as much as possible. I’ve found out two different mehtods of doing so, each with their respective benefits and drawbacks (get it?).

Method 1: avoiding Greater Wisdom cards entirely

Play a maximum amount of ONE card per turn, and if you do so, make sure to fill up the freed hand slot by drawing another card in the same turn. Of course with this method you cannot play a card and place terrain in the same turn unless your played card is the [Card=48]Village Elder[/Card], the [Card=14]Healing Song[/Card], [Card=188]Feed the Forest[/Card], [Card=512]Fugoro[/Card], [Card=371]Krog’s Dinner[/Card] or so on. So this strategy works bestly with strong and expensive units. If you don’t draw a card immediately after you played one of yours, Peace Blossom will fill up that slot as soon as your turn is finished, effectively stealing one of your hand slots away - unless of course you are using Method 2.

Method 2: Using Greater WisdomMethod 2: Using Greater Wisdom yourself

If you were already cursed with a Greater Wisdom card in your hand this is how you can get rid of it without losing any additional cards of your deck. You only need to wait until you have enough Faeria to play 4 of your handcards (respectively more if those make you draw more cards and less if you didn’t already reach the maximum of 9 hand cards) followed up by one Greater Wisdom card. This way you have freed up a total of 5 of your hand card slots that are instantly getting filled up again by the 5 cards of your deck the last Greater Wisdom card granted you. No cards are lost and there’s no way the Peace Blossom could annoy you with his waves of wisdom this turn.
But of course saving up until you can afford three of your own cards + a Greater Wisdom takes lots of time, more for more expensive decks, less for cheaper ones. And depending on the situation you might just not have that much time spare. In these cases Method 1 could do the trick for you. But still a lot of action planning is required.

For efficiently playing the beginning there are two different approaches in theory:

  • You could either try to fill up your hand as soon as possible with as many of your cards as you can while sacrificing as few of your cards as possible by having a full hand.
    You could for example make sure that at the end of your third or fourth turn you’re having exactly 6 cards in your hand so that Peace Blossom will add two additional Greater Wisdoms but you can still draw a card at the beginning of your next turn and reach the maximum of 9 cards this way.

  • Or you could make sure you’re holding exactly two cards by the time Peace Blossom starts dishing out two Greater Wisdoms so that in the following turn you can use one of these two Greater Wisdoms to fill up your hand to the maximum of 9 cards.
    Because 2 of your cards + 2 Greater Wisdoms + the 1 card you’re drawing at the beginning of your turn - the 1 Greater Wisdom you’re using + 5 of your cards you draw because of the Greater Wisdom makes 9 hand cards in total.

Now that you know how to ignore the Peace Blossom’s attacks of Greater Wisdom all together let’s talk about what he’s weak to.

But before we do that, let me tell you that playing aggressive won’t work. Peace Blossom has lots of Tiki Healers that will cure any damage you dealt early and lots of creatures to make sure your runners won’t make it. That’s why I would also recommend choosing a passively playing NPC like Fugoro and never making the mistake of inviting Sharra.

Now note that a majority of Peace Blossom’s creatures have more life than attack because you can use this information to your advantage. If you didn’t get the legendary Seifer yet and you like forest decks you could settle on Seedlings cause those can regenerate life after a battle while upping their attack value of the same time. This way you don’t need to play too many supportive cards, maybe a few safeguards to make it survive more difficult battles. However Peace Blossom will also play some (sometimes buffed) creatures that will destroy your Seedlings in one hit.

But the absolute weakness of the Peace Blossom is a legendary card called “Seifer, Blood Tyrant”. Once you’re controlling this combat monster the only thing you need to watch out for is for him to 1) not die and 2) finish Peace Blossom before running out of cards in your deck.
I said earlier that most of the creatures Peace Blossom can play do have higher life than attack and this is exactly what Seifert can profit from: For almost each kill Seifert gains more life than he lost in battle and his attack value rises into the unimaginable turning him into an instakill-machine. My advice would be to firstly let him run around somewhere in the middle of the field and one-hit-kill some weak enemy creatures until his life is high enough to survive anything and his attack is high enough to kill everything. After that he can aim for death-touching any creature the Peace Blossom plays to level up his attack value even more. And once Seifert’s attack is close to 30 you can start pushing him foreward and killing some hostile creatures on the way to then wreck Peace Blossom’s sphere in one final blow.

By the way if you’re curious I’ve managed to defeat the Peace Blossom without drawing any legendary cards or seedlings, only by using a few generic neutral and lots of mountain creatures and some events.

I know I’m still having some formatting issues with the editor probably because of the fact that any type of formatting doesn’t work from a german device and I need to use the Tor browser to work around this. But still the “Insert Cards” menu is pretty broken for me