People abusing the timer (possible bots?)

Hey everyone,

so here we go, I just had a player named “ZeldaBaby” who kept acting in the very last seconds only, each turn. He even let the mulligan timer run out in hope people will just quit for a cheap win on his side.

Well, I’m writing this as the match is running and decided to use the wasted time for something better.

I guess it was a bot, but I’m not 100% sure, as he looked at 2 different cards once and I doubt a bot would do this, but who knows. Anyway, is there anything in the works to prevent bots or people abusing the timer this way? Maybe a simple “report button”?

By now I won the match, without him doing anything usefull, except for playing a few lands, 2 times Flash Wind to push away my creatures and a creature he didn’t use.

Anyone else who experienced something like this before?

I’ve seen this a few times too. They always wait until the timer is about to run out, before doing something at the last moment. They usually hover over a few cards at some point too.

They might be bots, or people who wait until the last moment on purpose, hoping you’ll surrender out of boredom and give them an easy win. It’s unlikely they really need the whole timer on every single turn. It’s a bit annoying, since the matches end up being long because of all the waiting.

I think I increased my win-rate by a lot by using the timer to think through this and the next couple of turns instead of just playing whatevery I could and end my turn.

As with most non-real time multiplayer games you should know that a single game can be anything from a few min to almost half an hour.

In streams or tournament of faeria you can even see the players not being able to perform what they wanted because they do it in the last 10-20 seconds after thinking through every possibility for this and the next couple of turns.

I know the feeling too well when I just wanna finish playing a few quick games and i also know that when I feel like that a card game is not what I should be playing so I just play another game and wait until I feel like playing a longer while.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I take my time too and I’ve seen and played top players aswell, but this thread is about abusing the timer as described above.

I should clarify that I don’t mind if people use the whole timer sometimes during the match. I do it during complicated situations.

Using the whole timer on all turns shouldn’t be necessary, though. Even in tournament matches, players don’t always use the whole timer. It just seems like they’re waiting for no reason to annoy their opponent by doing that.

The only situation where that’s understandable is if they’re streaming and take their time to talk to the viewers. It’s not usually the reason though, since I’ve seen several non-streamers do it.

You said he was actually acting at the last seconds on every turn. It does not in any way sound like an abuse.

Doing all your moves and then waiting the whole timer is a different thing, sometimes it is just new players and they actually forget they have to end turn.

I also said the following…

[quote=“H8Man, post:1, topic:1508”]
without him doing anything usefull, except for playing a few lands, 2 times Flash Wind to push away my creatures and a creature he didn’t use.[/quote]

… which clearly states, that he wasn’t even trying to play the game. I know when I face people who are new or need time and that for sure wasn’t the case here. Away from that, I’m not playing at the lowest level and he didn’t have a low rank, too. Actually not even a new player would play this way, as it was completely random without any goal.

It was either a bot or just an idiot abusing the timer to get cheap wins.

I think it was a bot because:

  1. Abusing the timer will kill your time, too, so it’s not worth it.
  2. He didn’t really play, he wasn’t even trying to defend or anything to lengthen the match.
  3. The creature he had didn’t do anything.

In short, there’s no way this was a newbie or good player, but pretty much a bot that wins matches by surrendering through boredom.

Using flash winds to push away an enemy creature is sometimes a bad play but from a defending standpoint it delays the game another turn until where you might get to draw a better card.

Also, if it was a bot, why would you ever program a bot to just wait the full time? If you want to “bot” something you want to do it efficient.

Also when people “bm” and just wait through their whole turn that just gives me the time to think through my turn, so there often is no loss in time.

But yes botting should be illegal, people being bad mannered is annoying but maturity should not be taught in a game by getting reported unless you actually did something horrible.