Periodic server issues today

We are experiencing periodic server issues related to today’s large influx of users that can result in players being frozen on the “Versus” screen, and other similar problems.

We’re looking into it. Thank you for your patience. :rubyfish:

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It’s 24H i got the bug ! Serveur are down or it’s just me ?

Server should be doing just fine.

Try forcing an update and reconnecting again.

If that doesn’t work, submit an email to with your in-game username and problem.

Ok Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll wait answer from support now ! Tips didn’t work

Elendal, we’ve force signed out your account. Try logging in again.

It work fine now thank you

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i frozen on the versus


Apologies for the inconvenience. We are aware of the versus bug and the Developer team is working on fixing the issue as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience while the problem is being resolved.

i frozen in versus


This issue should be resolved for you now.

It was not resolved

I am stuck in queue for over 20 minutes.

Is there an account issue or a server issue?

This issue should now be resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.