Permanent Deck/Hand Information?

When I go to the gear wheel in the top right corner for the options menu, once the options menu is open, at the top there is a toggle (on/off) switch that says: “Permanent Deck/Hand Information”. What does this do exactly???

I’m a noob, so please this explain like am an idiot (even though I’m not, I hope :slight_smile: )

Below and above yours and your opponents health bar is information about their deck and handsize. This is available if you hover over their name. Permanent information makes it so this is always visible.

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OK. Thank you very much! Very helpful! Just one ore question… Why WHOULDN’T someone want this info displayed??? It seems like a no-brainer. Why even have this as an option???

Aesthetics mostly. Since you can hover over name to get the same information. Hand and Deck size isn’t as important in this game, as there’s no disruption to them at the moment.

OK. Cool. Thanx much again! PEACE~

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