Place-holder art option?

As much as I love the final artworks on Faeria cards, I miss the old place-holder art. There is an undeniable quality of those sketchy, dark figures. More mystery I guess…Anyhow, is it just me or is there more players who would like to have an option to switch back to the original artworks?

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Alternative art cards are a staple that most card games use to add a bit of variety and fun to their games. I think your idea is a generally good one, but that it should be expanded even more. I’d love to see alternate art promos worked into the game as rewards, and some of these alternate art cards could be the original place-holder art as a throwback, but it shouldn’t stop there.

The only real question is how to design the interface so that the alternate art cards fit neatly into the deck builder. At present, normal and premium versions of a card both take up their own space, and this isn’t really ideal. The UI could use a bit of work before a ton of alternate art cards showed up.