Play screen bug

The game opens as normal but when i hit play an error message shows up and when i click it the game closes. Are the any sollution to this, thanks. I tried verifying integrity of the game files and uninstalling.

Sounds like there are a few bugs being discussed in the Discord chat as well. They said fix is incoming soon, so just have to be patient for now.

I’m having the same issue. First I thought the game would be incompatible with my Macbook, but I’m glad someone else is experiencing this as well, then it’s probably not my OS :slight_smile: Will patiently wait for a fix!

My pc is windows, its not just mac pc s

Mine was crashing in the deck builder and while hitting the back button on the rewards page. I decided not to open any chests until it’s fixed. It also crashed when I tried to view my profile to change card backs.

The same error pops up when accessing the Deck Builder. The game is thus unplayable for me right now.

There’s been a fix applied now so all should be good. You’ll have to update your game though, so if it doesn’t do it automatically go to your Steam Library, right click on Faeria, Properties, then in the Local Files tab you’ll see “verify integrity of game cache” and that should force the update.

Hi, i’ve got the exact same error as above, but on android. My steam account works fine. there are no updates available in the google play store… any idea on how to fix this?

Unfortunately for those of us lucky enough to have it, Mobile is going to be updated on Thursday when the balance patch is aimed to be released. iOS is also planned for the same update schedule.

Yes, I have the identical screen on mobile ipad platform.